Gun & Knife


One day a man after reaching his house

Got down from his car to open the gate

Out came from somewhere two rusty men

Each holding a knife rushing towards him

With his swift action upon seeing the danger

He took out his gun hidden in his overcoat

And pointed in the direction of the two charging men

With similar swift action, the two men turned-around

And fled like an arrow upon seeing the man had a gun

The man fired and injured one of the two men seriously

This true story was reported in the newspaper in Malaysia

Whatever the motive of the two men to cause harm

Robbers usually carry knives or other weapons

To threaten or even kill their victims

Crimes happen all over the world nowadays flourishing excessively

The unfortunate female victims may even be raped and murdered

People get brutally murdered out of hatred or nothing

The world is in chaos and most of them

Using guns and knives to kill the victims

All these violent people upon death

Will definitely go to the Underworld for punishment

Hell is like the International Court of Justice

According to the Emperor of the Underworld

And these people after going through the punishment

Shall be born as animals for thousands of years

Some may even never be reborn again and have to suffer eternally

In the deepest Hell called A-Bi Diyu

It is for those crimes done that is beyond forgiveness

Those who lived by the sword will die by the sword on Earth

But the other punishments in Hell for the soul is beyond description

Nothing is forgotten for those who lived such a life

Crime doesn’t pay and if one has to carry a gun

It should be like the man who drew out in time to save himself

And not to shoot people out of crime

The world will be a better place without gun

During the olden days where gun was not available

It was safer to live and more peace on Earth

Unfortunately nobody can turn back the clock

If given a choice, I don’t mind walking and traveling by foot

Or ride a horse from one place to another

Rather than the modern days of gun and knife

Peaceful people do not need gun and knife

If they ever need them, then it is only for peaceful purpose

Keep away the gun and knife