How to distinguish the Li-xing (True Character),

Qi-xing (Spiritual Character), and Zhi-xing

(Material Character) of a human being?


A human is born by comprising the essence of the three

Heavens (Li-tien, Qi-tien, and Xiang-tien – Heaven of Truth,

Heaven of Spirit and Heaven of Matter respectively) and the

complete Qi (spirit) of the five fundamental elements. The

eternal and perfect True Self is nurtured by the Qi of the five

fundamental elements in Xian-tien (the Void or Li-tien).

When combined with a fertilized egg, the True Self becomes

the soul and develops inside the mother’s womb to give life.

Therefore, the soul possesses the complete benevolence,

justice, propriety, wisdom, and faith of Tao. The soul is not

born nor does it vanish. The True Self, in human body, disperses

into the functions of the soul, Hun and Po (Hun is the Spirit of

Consciousness, and Po the Spirit of Sense). The soul is the

essence of Hun and Po. The Hun and Po are the manifestation

of the soul. Thus, the soul, Hun and Po are in reality one.


The True Self is the quiescent state of Tao. It is void, all

benevolent and good, and possesses the Li-xing (True Character)

of Li-tien. The change of Tao is the spiritual energy, or the soul.

When a human is born, his life is dependent upon the breathing

of air. The inhaling and exhaling symbolize the yang and yin.

When a human is constrained by yin and yang, the soul disperses

into the Hun and Po. The Hun and Po flow throughout the body

and become the center of life in a human. The Hun belongs to

yang and contains more of the goodness than evil. It has the

Qi-xing (Spiritual Character) of Qi-tien. As the Hun is influenced

by the sensory organs of the human body and external stimuli,

it is tempted by materials. It then turns into the instinct of the

human sensory organs, the Po. The Po belongs to yin and contains

mostly evil. It has the Zhi-xing (Material Character) of Xiang-tien.


The manifestations of changes in Qi-tien and Xiang-tien are

Qi-xing and Zhi-xing. The manifestation of Li-tien is the Li-xing.

Man and Heaven are united, thus everyone has the Li-xing, Qi-xing,

and Zhi-xing. From the scientific point of view, the universe

basically is the work of light, electricity, and magnetism. To a

human being, the soul is light; the Hun, electricity; and the Po,

magnetism. The three are one and each is mutually influenced

by the other two. Hence, the life of a human being is the work

of the soul, Hun and Po, which are the manifestation of one’s

Li-xing, Qi-xing, and Zhi-xing.