Poor but Kind


A report in the newspaper recently year beginning 2006

About a female pitiful beggar with two kids

A kind-hearted man seeing the pitiful beggar

Bought a big packet of rice for them

The three of them sat at the roadside

And he saw the woman dividing the rice

Into four parts and he wondered why four?

Then he realized that one portion was for a strayed dog

Who was nearby the beggar waiting for its share!

Poor but kind to the poor dog

It was really touching for him to witness such kindness

Displayed by a person who could still think for a hungry dog

That real article in the paper won first prize

Because it touched thousands of readers

Many years ago in 1989 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

On the way to see my father who was hospitalized

I saw a pitiful beggar nearby the hospital

Opening my wallet, I had a few small notes about RM8.00

I gave it all to the pitiful beggar who gave me a big smile

Next day, again on my way to see my father

The same beggar approached me but this time

He never stretched out his hand to beg

But said how thankful he was when I gave him the RM8.00

And he was not able to sleep the whole night thinking about me

His smile really lighted up my life

And I told him that I have many old clothing

That I could give him so that he could dress cleaner and better

He was just too happy to say thank you

The next day I gave him my clothing when I met him again

The joy in the giver sometimes just cannot be bought by money

Seeing the pitiful woman beggar giving a portion of the rice to a dog

Must have given him great happiness to make him write the article

It is not easy to see a genuine kind person nowadays

Usually people think for themselves

Not many can think for others

Needless to say for animals such as a dog

Most people would just chase the strayed dog away

If they come near when they are eating

We have just got to learn

Even from a beggar

To be kind