Text Box: Life in the Underworld is full of sorrows and pains for the sinful souls. There is no mercy and the Chief in charge of the Eight Tribunal in Hell is:

This is what JiGong said on 24th March 1978 in the Eight Tribunal in Hell:

“A perfect gentleman is a perfect gentleman; a mean person is a mean person. If a person has done wrong there is no need to ask for his name and address; just arrest him first and question later on. 

When a person is alive it does not matter whether he believes in the existence of Heaven or Hell. If he commits sin or mischief or evil when alive, after death his soul will be under the control of the Heads of the various Tribunals in Hades; then only will he believe in the existence of Heaven or Hell - that then will be too late!”

On those who are good, JiGong describes them with a happy heart below:

“The brightness of the moon is intense but does not affect the eyes. This brightness is called the ‘brightness of nature’. This means that their hearts are sincere and pure, not a spot of dirt or dirtiness, quiet, peaceful, brilliant. 

The reflection in the heart, although static, is in fact quite movable, very much like a peaceful pool or lake, the surface of which is relatively steady thus making it possible to reflect the surrounding objects. Because the heart is peaceful and serene, truthfulness prevails and nothing is concealed, thus making it possible to reflect the owner’s original pure personality at birth, thereby making it possible for him to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong.

Ascetic practitioners, now living, should endeavor to retain their original nature at birth and should not be influenced by the infection of the surrounding sinful world. They should set an example and should show their acquired rays of supernatural power.”
Text Box: Eight Tribunal of Hell

The Chief in charge is Dou Shi Wang

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On 24th March 1978, this is what Dou Shi Wang said in the Eight Tribunal in Hell:

“I’m in charge of the Eight Tribunal. The work of this Tribunal is to judge the left-over sins of souls not dealt with by the 1st up to the 7th Tribunals. Inside our Tribunal is a large Prison which is very hot and is known as the Hot Prison and, in addition, there are 16 Smaller Prisons.

I would advise human beings to perform their duties diligently and maintain self-restraint. The principles of human conduct and the ways of Heaven will make one understand the true source of birth and subsequent destination after death, the awareness of which prevents one’s soul from being sent to this Tribunal for punishment and eventually suffering, because of the various transmigrations of the soul.”

On 7th April 1978, JiGong said about the fierce faces of the Underworld soldiers:

“When sinful souls see the fierce faces of the soldiers of Hades, they become very frightened and their legs turn soft making them more easily arrested. When souls who are less sinful see the soldiers of Hades, they do not feel so afraid.

This is exactly what the average human beings say, ‘If I do not have a bad conscience, I have no fear when there is a knock at the front door at night’.

On Earth, when a criminal sees a policeman he urinates; policemen are equipped with handcuffs and firearms. In Hades, ‘Hei Bai Wu Chang’ (Underworld Angel with long tongue) are equipped with iron chains and other implements of punishment.

Those who are free from crime look upon policemen as ordinary people, but criminals when they see policemen, try to avoid them and try to escape.”

On 12th April 1978, on the way to the Eight Tribunal of Hell, JiGong gave his advice:

“If a person revives after his supposed death, the revival can be said to be ‘life after death’; but if a living person dies, then his death is a true death.

Something gained is usually at the expense of something lost. This is the result of transmigration.

When two small children both grow up together they tend, initially to be good natured and angel-like; but nowadays, grown ups or those who attain maturity with the numerous sins they encounter and commit, will lead them ultimately to undergo the six transmigrations of souls.

The six paths of metempsychosis are: “Devas, human beings, asura demons, beasts, hungry ghosts and hell.

So, therefore, spiritual people or ascetic practitioners will have to preserve their chastity, vigor and vitality and not associate with the opposite sex, otherwise, with such association they will have to repay dearly for their canal sins.

How long is one’s life-span? Then why commit sins? I hope human beings will realize that sins do not pay.”

On 12th April 1978, an Officer of the Eight Tribunal of Hell said:

“All human beings have good arms and legs but they do not want to do good deeds. They prefer to harm and kill others. When such sinful people die, their souls will be sent to the various Tribunals to be punished and lastly, they will be sent to this Prison to be punished some more.

All those who were unfilial, disloyal, pirates, those who used their hands to kill others, those who used the pen to harm others, those who used the legs to harm others or other miscellaneous types of sinners - all these sinners who did not care to repent when alive, when they die, their souls will be sent to Hades to be judged for their sins and as a final punishment, they will be sent to this Prison called ‘Small Prison for Amputating Limbs.’ 

Many human beings do not believe that Hades exist. Why don’t they not believe that there are Prisons on Earth which punish those who do wrong?

If a human being, instead of taking three steps, chooses to take only one step, he will, of course, fall down. If one swallows two limes at the same time, is there any reason why he cannot get choked?”

The drawings on the right are self-explanatory and one should be aware that such punishments are real in Hell. A picture tells a thousand words.