Text Box: JiGong Immortal was in good spirit on 5th March 1977 when he brought ‘Yang Sheng’ a human being to visit the Fourth Tribunal, where the Chief in charge is:

This is the lyric of a song in JiGong’s happy mood asking human the followings:

“Asking human beings why do they hurry - It is because of the three meals.

Asking human beings what they pray for - It is because of fame and name and gain and constantly worrying.

Asking human beings why they are enamourous - Because they are in love which will ruin their health.

Asking human beings what they are thinking about - They are thinking about rubbish and indulging in vain hopes.

Asking human beings what they are worrying for - Why engage in unreasonable and ungainly pursuits.

Asking human beings what they have gained in the end - Constantly being busy during their whole life and at death they are empty handed.

Asking human beings why ravage women - Remember what they do to others, the same will be done to their wives and daughters.

Asking human beings what are they waiting for - Quickly go and practise ascetic undertakings. 

Asking human beings how do they go about ascetic practices - Exactly like the lotus flower which grows from the filthy pond; be like the lotus flower.

Asking human beings what is true happiness - To be on board Guan Yin’s Barge of Compassion which ferries departed souls from this world of care to the realms of bliss.
Text Box: Fourth Tribunal in Hell

The Chief in charge is “Wu Guan Wang”

This is what Wu Guan Wang said about the Fourth Tribunal in Hell:

“I am in charge of 16 small Prisons; in addition, there are other types of new prisons. Nowadays because human beings on Earth commit new types of sins, so therefore, we must have new types of prisons to handle them. When sinful human beings die, their souls are sent to Hades where they have to pass through ‘Gui Men Guan’ after which they have to appear before the Magic Mirror to prove their sins to decide which Tribunal they have to be sent to be sentenced according to what kind of sin they had committed.”

On 8th March 1977, ‘JiGong’ on the way to the Fourth Tribunal with ‘Yang Sheng’ gave a comment about people who deal in medicine. This is what he said:

“There are many human beings who are very unscrupulous, their main aim in life is to get money and wealth no matter by what means. Such people have no morality, like the quack doctor and those who make imitation medicine to sell.

They regard human life like grass. In spite of the existing strict laws, they are not a bit afraid and they persist in their evil undertakings. When these people die, then only will their souls realize, very much too late, what great sins they had committed against their fellow beings.”

There is a prison in the Fourth Tribunal called The Mouth-Piercing Prison (Drawing on the left to cut the tongue). JiGong said:

“Human beings must stop telling lies and talking bad about others behind their backs. Women and girls must be gentle and virtuous and must cooperate among themselves. Do not disturb or instigate other families and do not scold elders behind their backs.”

Talking about doing something in the dark, this is the advice from JiGong:

“Human beings do not believe in the doctrine of cause and effect. You must understand that the recompensation of good and evil which is like your shadow will follow you always; you can see this shadow under a light but in the dark room or dark place no shadow can be seen.

In such a place or situation, whatever thing you do no one sees or knows about except yourself but you do not realize that in the dark room or place there are many saints and devils and whatever sinful things or actions you do, these saints and devils will definitely know.”

The drawing on the right shows a sinful soul forced to drink boiling water, had his own imitation medicine and his hands dipped into boiling water.

This is the confession of a sinful soul in the Underworld on 8th March 1977:

“When I was alive, I operated a drug store, my main aim was to make and amass as much money as I could.

Earlier, I manufactured drugs and sold them to young men and women to take and they became drug addicts - I really deserved to die.

In another instance a friend of mine gave me a religious book which exhorted people to do good deeds. I flicked through a few pages which dwelt on ascetic practices and also on religious poems. I did not believe a word of what I had read because, this being the ‘space world’ or ‘space age’, one should not believe in saints and holy things, so I chucked the book away at the same time scolding the saints, thinking that only superstitious people would blindly believe in saints and devils.

How was I to know that after death I was to be sentenced by Wu Guan Wang to an additional 5 years for two more sins, viz: scolding the saints and secondly, for throwing the religious book away? I admit I had blundered.”

JiGong further advised:

“There are many types of business that are carried out by human beings. If one is hard-working and is not afraid or ashamed of earning a decent living there is no fear of death caused by hunger.

Nowadays there are quite a number of people who do not want to work for a living; they prefer to get easy money by stealing, robbing, cheating and such like. Those who are more daring are not afraid even to resort to using the knife or other weapons to threaten and, even worse, to the extent of killing to rob.

If such is the case, especially when it concerns the young, whose mistake is it? Primarily, the fault can be attributed to the parents who fail to teach their children (when still young) to behave well and become good and law-abiding citizens. When alive, wayward youngsters behave as if the whole world belongs to them and that they can do what they very well like, but when they die their souls will be suitably punished by the soldiers of Hades according to the extent and seriousness of their past behavior.”

People generally say:

“There are roads leading to Paradise, but they don’t want to take these roads; rather, they prefer to rush towards the Prison gates.”