Text Box: JiGong Immortal visited the Ninth Tribunal of Hell by bringing along Yang Sheng on 5th May 1978. The Chief in charge is:

This is what JiGong said on 5th May 1978:

“The Heavenly music can be heard only by one who is a very devout ascetic practitioner; those who are just ordinary ascetic practitioners cannot hear this music. 

On Earth there is the earthly music, and in Heaven there is the heavenly music. 

When a sinful human being is about to die, he can hear the wailing of devils or can hear the clanging of iron chains. This is the omen of the arrest of a sinful person by the soldiers of Hades.”

This is what JiGong said about the deepest Hell, ‘A-Bi Diyu’:

“Smuggling is an offence against the country’s laws. Drug business endangers the lives of people. You cannot go against the laws of the Earth and also you cannot go against the laws of Hades. But there is still a gleam of light and salvation. 

Those human beings who indulge in smuggling and deal in drug business still have time yet to change their ways to lead a better life, otherwise after death, their souls will surely be sent to A-Bi Diyu to suffer; even unto a million years they will never be reborn.”

This is an advice by JiGong on 25th May 1978:

“The life-span of you human beings is not long; it is comparatively short. Then why don’t you human beings make the fullest use of your intelligence, talent and compassion for the benefit of others?

I have seen human beings ignoring their chances of doing good and now their souls have to undergo such suffering in Hades - it is really not worthwhile. 

I sincerely hope that those who have the good luck to read this Book, ‘Diyu Youji’ (Journey to the Underworld - there is a link to this book under ‘Journey to the Underworld’ in this website), will turn over a new leaf and will, henceforth, endeavor to do good deeds whenever possible.

Those who choose to ignore my advice can be likened unto a person who goes to a pond, thrusts his hand into the mud-hole hoping to catch a yellow eel but, instead, is bitten by a poisonous snake. Isn’t he courting trouble?”

Text Box: Ninth Tribunal of Hell

The Chief in charge is Ping Deng Wang

On 5th May 1978, this is what Ping Deng Wang said:

“Why am I called ‘Ping Deng Wang’? The reason is: All souls (sinful souls) receive punishment starting from the 1st Tribunal right up to the 8th Tribunal according to the nature and severity of their sins but there are others whose sins are much greater - such more sinful souls are sent to my Tribunal to be judged with impartiality.

If, after due consideration, I find that the sin is not too great or serious, I will direct that the soul be sent to the 10th Tribunal to await rebirth. I deal with sinful souls impartially. That is why I am named Ping Deng Wang.”

On 15th May 1978, an Officer of the Ninth Tribunal said:

Obscene books and literature cause many people to have negative thinking thus making readers, especially the young, to indulge in degradation or eventually, to patronize ’streets of ill-fame’, or to rape and murder, thereby disturbing peace and tranquility of the society.

All writers of obscene literature, after having been punished  in the various Tribunals will have subsequently to be sent to A-Bi Diyu (Deepest Hell) where there will be no escape. They will remain there until the time when there will be no obscene literature whatsoever on Earth; then only will they undergo the cycle of transmigration of souls.”

In the Ninth Tribunal there is a small prison by the name of, “Red and Purple Venomous Snakes Prison.” On 25th May 1978, a visit to this prison (drawing on the right) was made by JiGong and Yang Sheng and this is what an Officer there said:

“This place is called the ‘Red and Purple Venomous Snakes Prison.’ In Hades, there are only two types of snakes - the Red Venomous Snakes and the Purple Venomous Snakes which instead of boring the ground, prefer to bore the bodies of sinful souls.

On Earth, there are people who, instead of following the true and righteous path, prefer to find loop-holes in the laws to obtain undue advantage over others for their own selfish gains, exactly like the poison of these snakes.

Also, there are people who take pleasure in instigating others and thereby causing people to be at variance with one another. Then there are others who secretly carry knives and bearing scrappers and will not hesitate to use them at the slightest provocation. Again, there are house building contractors who cheat by poor or substandard construction of houses which soon collapse thus causing death to occupants.

All these types of people are not sincere thereby causing hardships to others ; when they die, their souls, after undergoing punishments in other Tribunals in Hades, will ultimately be sent to this Prison for further punishment by the Red and Purple Venomous Snakes.”

On 1st June 1978, JiGong brought Yang Sheng to tour the Deepest Hell called ’A-Bi Diyu’ and in this Hell under the jurisdiction of the Ninth Tribunal, there is no escape and rebirth for the sinful souls. An Officer there described how this Hell is like:

“Those souls who are sent to ‘A-Bi Diyu’ are most sinful, so much so, that the measure and seriousness of their iniquity is of the fullest.

There are 18 levels each studded with up-pointed sharp spikes and the floor is covered with hot mud. When a sinful soul nears the entrance of the cave, a General pushes the soul inside by means of his sharp spear and as the soul falls down, the centre of the cave sucks him in and he utters a shriek and, after a while, wailing sounds are heard.

The inside of the cave is so very dark that one cannot see the fingers of his hands out-stretched. The suffering is so great inside that it can be called capital punishment.”

The confessions made by these two souls:

Soul 1: When I was alive, I was not filial. I usually spent everyday in idleness. Whenever I stretched my hand out to my parents to ask for money and when I was not given any, I started shouting and scolding them. I often punched and kicked them. I was not a filial son. After death, I was sent to all Tribunals to be punished and lastly, to this A-Bi Diyu never to be reborn.”

Soul 2: During my lifetime, I took pleasure in debauchery, sensuality, viciousness and disturbing women folks, abducting widows and their adopted daughters. How was I to know that with all these evil-doings, my soul after death, would be sent here for punishment, never to be reborn?”