Text Box: Life in the Underworld

In the Second Tribunal of Hell, on 19th October 1976, Goddess of Mercy gave a discourse and this is what she said:

“From the beginning of time, there has been endless series of births, deaths, and rebirths but although the body decays, the spirit is never destroyed. Although you are here you still do not understand that even if the body is dead and decayed, your original spirit still exists. 

On Earth there are such things as love, hatred, jealousy, ill-feeling etc all like dream. This dreaming will continue forever, following the theory of cause and effect and unless it is stopped, it will stupefy human beings and the result will be continuous transmigration of souls, a series of deaths and re-births in various forms. 

Now the world is undergoing changes. You will observe that nowadays, a new born child is more enlightened, intelligent and active than one born many decades ago. This is the secret of Nature but this is like a flame of a candle when blown by the wind, anytime the flame can be extinguished. Therefore because of assumed Smartness of people at present, their spiritual nature is self-exhausted and they do not stand to any reason at all, thus causing so much suffering and misunderstanding everywhere resulting in so much social disorder. Because of all these misdeeds on Earth, your sins follow your souls to Hades here. 

You must understand that if there is a body there must be a shadow. Do not be under the wrong impression that if there is no light there is no shadow, but when it concerns your actions, the shadow is there whether there is light or not. However, if one has a ‘sinful thought’, the sin is already recorded irrespective of whether it is actually committed or not. 

Now that your souls are here in the Second Tribunal, it means that all of you still have some conscience left and have a desire for penance. I hope that you will understandingly accept any punishment that will be imposed so that your sins can be atoned for. You must suffer in patience but I will be your savior.”
Text Box: Second Tribunal of Hell.

The Chief in charge of the Second Tribunal is

Chujiang Wang

On 19th Oct 1976, in the Second Tribunal of Hell, Chujiang Wang said:

“This Second Tribunal is in fact the real Tribunal for punishing souls. In the First Tribunal the merits and de-merits of the souls have already been assessed but some souls prevaricated (lied) and would not admit their sins. So they are brought here and their records are again shown to them. I have the authority to send such souls either to the 16th Division in Hades or to any other new Division to be punished for their sins on Earth. Like on Earth, new inventions have been discovered, so likewise in Hades, we have set up new Division for punishing sinful souls.”

This is what JiGong said about Goddess of Mercy after she had given the discourse on the left column:

“By speaking and explaining to the souls in such a kind and persuasive manner, Goddess of Mercy shows that she has a very kind and tender heart and love for the suffering. I therefore entreat all human beings to understand that while they are still alive they must do good deeds and perform ascetic practices otherwise their souls will be sent here to Hades to undergo punishment and suffering in the Second Tribunal and to atone for their sins. It is much better to do good when still alive than for the soul to come here and suffer, it will be too late then.

Because of lack of comprehension of the meaning of birth and death, people do not really know what is birth and death.

The King of Hades controls birth and death. It is during the 7th Moon Pudu Festival (Festive of Hungry Ghosts) when the living pray and sacrifice to the hungry ghosts that they will understand the true meaning of birth and death, and consequently by doing good deeds, it leads to the avoidance of the sufferings of transmigration of souls. This then should be the opportunity to understand the true meaning of life and death.”

A General of the Underworld explained about the offences that sinful souls had committed when they were human beings on Earth. He said that these human beings were sent to the Ordure Pool full of excrete and they are:

“Prostitutes and earned money by selling their bodies, pimps who cheated girls and seduced them to become prostitutes, smugglers and confidence tricksters, those who used placenta of new born babies as tonic for health and rejuvenation, swindlers and cheats, womanizers, body guard of, and gangsters, defaulter tontine heads, deliberate bankrupts, bribery officials, unscrupulous building contractors etc.

All these people when alive had dirty hearts, therefore when they are sent here to Hades, they have to smell and wobble in the excrete in this Pool (Drawing on the right)

Do not sympathize with all these souls in the Pool. They are worms of excrete. I would advise human beings to be straight forward in their dealings and not to indulge in ill-gotten gains and wealth. If they do not heed my advice when they die their souls will surely be sent here.”

On Earth people mix hydrochloric acid into the sewerage tanks to kill the offensive smell. Unfortunately when dirty money like the smell of excrete is earned, upon death their souls are sent there. It is like eating dung and urine to pass the day.

There is a punishment in Hell called The Hades of Coldness. Along the way to this place, there are no sign of life, no fresh and green trees, just an expanse of whiteness. Throughout the year snow falls. This vast wilderness has no road; the grass and trees are dead and it is extremely cold. Drawing on the right depicts such a place in Hades. It is so cold that the limbs of the sinful souls are numbed, so much so, that they can hardly move about or escape. They are frozen to death.

The Hades of the Hungry Ghosts is a section of the Second Tribunal.

According to an Officer of the Underworld, he said that sinful souls who are suffering there are people who ate well, spent lavishly, enjoyed themselves to the fullest but had no pity whatsoever on the poor, needy and deserving while alive on Earth.

They are constantly biting their fingers because they are very hungry and anything or food they get hold of it will turn to charcoal.

This is the confession of a female hungry ghost:

“When I was alive, I was a rich man’s wife. My husband was a building contractor and earned a lot of money. At first we stayed in a small house and when business prospered we stayed in a big bungalow. Because we had plenty of money, we acquired the bad habit of lavish spending and gambling, playing mahjong day and night, not taking care of the home. Very often, I invited my friends to dance halls to enjoy ourselves, going to midnight restaurants and eating places to have grand feasts. All my life I was never frugal on eating, drinking, gambling and enjoying; money was no matter. When it came to doing welfare and social work, I did not donate even a single cent. Now that I am dead my soul is sent here to undergo suffering. I am now very hungry and in great pain. The head of this Second Tribunal is very heartless and no mercy.”