Text Box: On 26th December 1977, JiGong brought a human being’s soul “Yang Sheng” to visit the Seventh Tribunal of the Underworld where the Chief is:

JiGong said: 

“In Hades, there is no such thing as favor or favorites or any other consideration - the only governing factor is dependent on the amount of good deeds a deceased person had done when he was alive. If a person leads an evil life on Earth, when he dies, his soul in Hades will be disturbed and tormented by evil spirits, but if he leads a good life, when he dies, his soul in Hades will be protected and escorted by angels.

The human body can be likened unto an aircraft flying. There must not be any trouble inside the body, if there is, there is bound to be danger, very much like an aircraft falling down into a deep valley and the human body will be smashed up beyond recognition. 

This kind of speaking means that great care must be taken of the body, minute by minute. Some souls are sent to Hades to be punished because, just for one moment, due to lack of fore-thought, they committed a sin or sins in their lifetime. That is why they have to be punished after death.”

There is a small prison called “Carrying Stone Slab on Head and Crouch-Walking Small Prison.” The drawing on the right shows sinful souls carrying stone slab on their heads.

On 17th January 1978, JiGong brought Yang Sheng to visit this prison and this is the confession of a sinful soul:

“I was a well-to-do person when I was alive and also I had the gift of eloquence. I looked down upon the poor and less fortunate and often used my position and eloquence to run down others. I liked to talk big. Because of my many sins, after death, my soul was sent to this Prison to be punished. I am very dissatisfied; can I request JiGong to be my advocate and plead on my behalf with Tai Shan Wang?” 

Another small prison, (drawing on the right) is “Disembowel Small Prison.” This is the confession of a sinful soul there on 8th January 1978:

“When I was alive, I was a Government Official and I used to accept bribes. I was involved in juggling land deals thereby obtaining quite a good sum of money. So long as there was money to get, I did not care what happened. When I died, my soul appeared before the Magic Mirror which reflected every item of my shady methods of getting unlawful money - everything was shown and I became afraid. I was sentenced to be punished in every Tribunal until I reached this Seventh Tribunal when Tai Shan Wang sentenced me to be punished in this Disembowel Small Prison. Everyday my bowel and intestines are being tugged by dogs until I can’t bear the suffering pain.”

Text Box: Life in the Underworld

Seventh Tribunal - The Chief in charge is Tai Shan Wang

Text Box: On 26th December 1977, this is what Tai Shan Wang said:
“It is customary that when a person dies, his family will observe the 7 x 7th day death ceremony prayers by employing monks to chant prayers hoping to release the soul from suffering. 
The living tend to believe that the observance of the first 7th day ceremony will help to lead the soul through the 1st Tribunal, the second 7th day ceremony will help to lead the soul through the 2nd Tribunal, and so on and so forth, until the seventh 7th day ceremony which should lead the soul through the  7th Tribunal. It is not so easy as all that.
The kith and kin do not know that during the lifetime of the deceased he might have committed a lot of sins, and by observing the 7 x 7th day ceremonies, within 49 days they expect the soul of the deceased to reach the 7th Tribunal. They think that after passing through the 7th Tribunal, the soul would automatically pass through the 8th, 9th and 10th Tribunals and then ready for rebirth.
I would therefore, advise the living not to waste so much money in paying for chanting of prayers in connection with the 7 x 7th day ceremonies; rather, when one is still alive it is better that he does more good deeds than evil deeds. 
Therefore, when is alive, one must endeavor to do good whenever possible so that the accumulation of good deeds done during one’s lifetime will result in the ‘lucky saints’ coming to guide the soul on its journey at death. 
No need to waste money by paying for chanting of prayers because no amount of chanting can help a sinful soul to escape the punishments that await him in the various Tribunals in Hades. I hope human beings will take note of this very important point.”
In the same day, an Officer of Hades said:
“In Hades the most important Tribunals are the first 7 Tribunals; it is in these 7 Tribunals that most sins are punished and the 8th, 9th and 10th Tribunals will only deal with any left-over sins not dealt with by the first 7 Tribunals. 
It is good that descendants of dead persons should observe filial piety after death but it is definitely preferable that all parties, while still living should do good deeds.”
In the Seventh Tribunal, there is a small prison called, “Boiling Oil Small Prison.”
The drawing on the right is the prison and on 1st March 1978, a sinful soul confessed:
“When I was alive, once on account of jealousy I caused the death of two persons. Eventually during trial, death sentence was passed on me. After I died, my soul passed through the sufferings in several Tribunals until now I am here in this Boiling Oil Small Prison to undergo further punishment. When I see the bubbling boiling oil in the cauldron, my flesh and skin begin to tremble. I regret that because of my sudden fit of jealousy which resulted in the death of two people, I am now in such great trouble.”