Text Box: On 14th June 1978, JiGong Immortal visited the Tenth Tribunal of the Underworld with Yang Sheng where the Chief is:

On this day, 14th June 1978, JiGong said:

“In Heavenly Observatory, one can see every place on Earth. The transmigration of souls melted out by the various Ten Tribunals as a result of cause and effect, is like Heaven casting flowers in all directions, those fated to be reborn as worms will be reborn as worms; those fated to be reborn as animals will be reborn animals; those fated to be reborn as human beings will be reborn human beings, so on and so forth.”

On 24th June 1978, during another visit to the Tenth Tribunal, JiGong said:

“The Six Paths of Metempsychosis (devas, human beings, asuras, beasts, hungry ghosts and hell beings) are like the non-stop revolving of a wheel. If a person happens to fall down and is rolled over by the wheels of a vehicle, he will eventually, be called a ’rolled-over ghost’. I hope human beings will avoid being ‘wheel rolled-over ghost’ by not rushing in front of a moving vehicle and be rolled over by the wheels which are like the gates of hell. Are you afraid of this?

I realize that human beings are smart folks and they should, therefore, know how to avoid such dangers and pitfalls. 

If they are in trouble, they should repent sincerely and seek forgiveness from God and if their days are lucky enough to be plain sailing, they should try to improve their daily life.”

On 7th July 1978, Zhuan Lun Wang said:

“On Earth, all living things are subject to rebirth; negative and positive must combine to create life. This Zhuan Lun Tai (Stage for Transmigration of Souls) - is like male and female on Earth. 

Sexual desires of both combine and cause their minds to be in a muddle, exactly like the waves of the Red River causing the Metempsychosis Stage (Wheel) to revolve and suck up the muddled souls according to the classifications of souls to be reborn as future beings.

It is like the body of woman, ten months gestation - when the time is ripe, the embryo comes out with blood water (amniotic fluid) and the child emits a cry, realizing that he is now reborn as a human being. 

Souls who will be reborn as animals, fishes, birds, worms, etc, will remain in Zhuan Lun Tai until the time is ripe for them to be reborn as such creatures. 

Women in the course of pregnancy will have a tendency to vomit at various stages - this is exactly like the Wheel of Zhuan Lun Tai revolving, or like train sickness (giddiness) when traveling by train.”

On 30th July 1978, there was a celebration in the Underworld for the completion of the tour, “Journey to the Underworld” by JiGong and Yang Sheng. The visits were completed in 62 journeys, the first being made on the 9th September 1976 and the last on 30th July 1978.

On this last visit, Di Zang Wang Pusa (the deliverer of Hell or the Bodhisattva of the Underworld) said:

“In the Spiritual Realm here, there is no differentiation between any religion, and also all round friendly feeling prevails with spirit of harmony where universal principle of unselfishness exists side by side with justice and equality. 

I hope all human beings will cultivate morality of Confucius and Mencius, otherwise moral obligations will be damaged, resulting ultimately in human beings becoming uncivilized and savage - this will then be the end of civilization.” 

Text Box: Tenth Tribunal of Hell

The Chief in charge is Zhuan Lun Wang

On 1st July 1978, this is what Zhuan Lun Wang said:

“Hell is like an International Court of Justice. Irrespective of what color, all souls to be reborn must have evidence that they can be reborn, exactly like those human beings who wish to leave one country for another must have a valid passport.

Any soul who is due to be reborn, must first come to this place to drink the tea ‘Ou Wang Tang.’ If he does not drink this ‘Ou Wang Tang’ and is reborn, he will be able to remember the happenings of his previous life and association with other people still living and can cause trouble and embarrassment to others thereby up-setting the peace.

This tea tastes sweet, sour, acrid, bitter and saltish, which after being drunk, makes a soul forget north, south, east, west and become muddled, making him walk aimlessly towards Zhuan Lun Tai (Transmigration Station).”

There is a place in the Tenth Tribunal called “Meng Po Ting.” On 1st July 1978, Zhuan Lun Wang said:

“This place ‘Meng Po Ting’ (drawing on the right) is under the charge of deity Meng Po duly authorized by Yu Di (Holy Jade Emperor).

After a sinful soul has passed through the various punishments meted out at the various Tribunals, he feels his throat is dry and becomes thirsty and when this Tenth Tribunal is reached, he thinks it is journey’s end and Earth is very near.

Outside this pavilion Meng Po Ting, there is hot vapor which makes every sinful soul thirsty thus the urge to quench their thirst - some souls are not satisfied to drink just one cup of this soup, asking for more! Yet there are some cunning sinful souls who come here refusing to enter the pavilion because they happen to know the effects of drinking this soup. But under the ground an iron hook contraption has the effect of gripping the feet to prevent movement. At the same time, a female attendant nearby forces these cunning souls to drink this soup.

Human beings have gone through thousands of cycles of metempsychosis and have drunk countless times this soup. After having drunk this soup so many times prior to rebirth the effects tend to be less apparent thereby making present-day children seem smarter than children of long ago, but this kind of smartness is not really smartness.

This is not a good sign because this will tend to make the present generation bold and fearless, daring to go against the laws of the country. What is there to be proud of?”

On 7th July 1978, JiGong and Yang Sheng visited the Six Paths of Metempsychosis in the Tenth Tribunal and this is what Zhuan Lun Wang said:

“On Earth, so long as mankind and all living beings do not discard evil to follow the good, the Wheel of the Stages for the Transmigration of Souls will continue to be operative and active which means that all living things will also continue to be unlucky.

Our Tribunal is the final Tribunal in Hades. The many bridges lead to the Six Paths of the Transmigration of Souls. These bridges are made of: gold, silver, jade, stone, wood and bamboo.

Golden Bridge - Those souls who had accumulated much merit when living on Earth, after passing through all the Tribunals in Hades, and after having been given a ’clean passage’ by the Registrar, will be allowed to cross the Red River via the Golden Bridge to go to Paradise. In the case of souls who had cultivated ’Divine Element’ within themselves, they will ascend direct from ‘Ying Yang Jie’ to Paradise without having to use this Golden Bridge.

Silver Bridge - Those who had earned medium merits when on Earth, after death their souls will be sent to ‘Ju Shan Suo’ for further cultivation of virtue and if they pass the test, will have to go to the ‘Nine Springs Waterfall’ for purification of the soul. Then only will they be allowed to cross via this Silver Bridge to Earth as Deity/Spirit for human being to worship.

Jade Bridge - Those who had earned some merits on Earth, at death, after their souls had gone through the punishments of all the Tribunals, will be allowed to be reborn as rich/or noble persons; they will cross via this Jade Bridge to the Stage for the Transmigration of Souls, for rebirth.

Stone Bridge - Those who when alive, had equal measure of merits as well as sins, will be allowed to be reborn as ordinary human beings. They will cross via this Stone Bridge to the Stage for the Transmigration of Souls for rebirth.

Wooden Bridge - Those who when alive had committed more sins than merits, and will be reborn as poor, lonely, miserable, destitute, lower strata human beings, will cross via this Wooden Bridge to the Stage for the Transmigration of Souls for rebirth.

Bamboo Bridge - Those who when alive, had a full measure of iniquity, and whose actions were contrary to humanity, murderers, robbers and rapists, and more sinful people, will be destined to be reborn as animals, fowls, fishes, worms. These will use the Bamboo Bridge to cross to the Stage for Transmigration of Souls for rebirth.”

I wish to say thank you to those who allowed me to use their wonderful drawings here as well as Heaven for the words which I picked up from the book, “Journey to the Underworld.”

Thank You - T.A Chew