Text Box: The Chief in charge of Third Tribunal is:

Songdi Wang

Heaven says that: 

“At the beginning of time human beings were very righteous, pure and honest and when these people passed away, their souls went to Paradise, there were no Hades. Later on, when it came to the Middle Ages, human beings became evil, sinful and did wrong deeds; Heaven then established Hades to punish the souls of sinful and evil doers; but the souls of those who were loyal, faithful, and those who practised filial piety, fidelity, benevolence, righteousness, ascetic pursuits were not sent to Hades to undergo punishment, instead they were sent to Paradise.  

Nowadays, things have changed for the worse because everyday there are robberies, wars, fighting, arson, treacherousness, drug addicts - everyday the newspapers have reports of such evil doings. 

Human beings can be saved from further sins by the teachings of Confucius, Mencius and Buddha.”  
Text Box: Third Tribunal of Hell

On 29th Nov 1976, this is what Songdi Wang said:

“Human beings must understand that if they do not do good deeds and carry out ascetic practices they will not be accepted here and will not be allowed freedom of movement but will be sent to the various prisons of Hades to undergo punishment for their past misdeeds and sins.

Further, the souls of sinners will have to undergo punishment in the prisons of Hades, their hands and legs being bound by iron chains, necks being locked by stocks and pillories and bodies being whipped and poked by forks.”

In the Third Tribunal, there is a small prison called, “The Prison of Scooped Eyes.”

On 9th December 1976, the soul of a human being by the name of Yang Sheng was led by a Holy Being JiGong to visit this prison.

JiGong said that:

“Inside the Third Tribunal, there are many prisons where sinners are punished for their sins they had committed when alive.”

Yang Sheng’s soul saw the prison and said:

“Wow! This place is so vast, all buildings are made of wood. When we go near  we can hear voices in agony. In front of the prison and on top are the words ‘The Prison of Scooped Eyes.’

The drawing on the right is the depiction of this prison. An Officer of the prison said:

“Well, when a sinful soul comes here, he is first of all strapped to a wooden post; then both eyes are scooped out one after the other, thus making the soul scream loudly and subsequently faint. This scooping process is carried out three times daily on each soul. After the first scooping, the eye-balls are retrieved and fitted back into the eye-sockets, then washed with magic water; this will have the effect of reviving the soul from fainting. Sometimes later in the day, the second process of scooping and reviving is gone through and then the third process. This punishment is to make the soul realize the extent of bitter suffering.”

A suffering soul confessed when ordered to reveal to Yang Sheng why he was there to suffer, he said:

“When I was alive, I was very fond of looking at girls and women. On Earth, there were many types of ‘social sightseeing’. I took pleasure in peeping at neighboring girls and women bathing. Often, my friends and I gathered to look at sex films and pictures; I was very happy with such activities. Once my friend and I visited a hotel room where a woman pimp introduced me a call-girl who performed strip-tease acts and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

A year ago, I met with an accident and died; my soul was sentenced to this Prison of Scooped Eyes for punishment. Everyday, my eyes are scooped out, very much suffering which my children who are still living do not know. I hope that when you good man returns to Earth you will tell all human beings that they must not think that the Deities in Heaven do not know what they do on Earth. After death, when the soul appears before the ’Magic Mirror’ nothing can be hidden because every deed is reflected on this Magic Mirror and we cannot deny anything.”

Another suffering soul confessed to Yang Sheng:

“This is my sinful story. When I was a student in school, I often cheated and copied in examinations and in class work. I copied from friends and from books. I enjoyed reading obscene books and looking at obscene films and pictures. When I died, Songdi Wang sentenced me to this Prison. I have been here three months now and I have three more years to go.”

An Officer of the Underworld then said:

“Male human beings have ’dirty eyes’; they like to peep at girls and women; they like to read obscene books; or they like to despise people. After death, their souls will be sent here for punishment. If those who can turn over a new leaf leading a new life, and can make up their minds to print the book ‘Journey to the Underworld’ for distribution to all and sundry so that everyone can do good deeds, then, after death any of their previous sins will be cancelled.”

By doing good deeds, we can save ourselves from being punished in Hell. Never be too late to start, as we do not know what can happen the next minute. The other drawings on the right show many forms of punishments in Hell where one will never stop screaming in pain.