Text Box: There is a place in the 5th Tribunal called “Wang Xiang Tai” where souls who have arrived at Hades will be able to look back to Earth. The Chief in charge of Fifth Tribunal is:

A Holy being by the name of “Yang Jian’ on 30th May 1977 at the Fifth Tribunal said that:

“Souls who have arrived at Hades are entrusted to the Fifth Tribunal and proceed to ‘Wang Xiang Tai’ for them to look back to Earth and see what their families are doing. The group which is ushered or urged by the soldiers of Hades will feel sad after looking back to Earth while the other group which is cheerful will feel happy on seeing how their families are faring.”

Yang Jian has a third divine eye on his forehead. He said that: 

“My third eye is a Heavenly eye - a combination of heaven, earth and self; sun, moon and stars shining towards each other. Therefore the power is very great, specially to catch the evil spirits on Earth; when evil spirits see me, they are very frightened. 

Those who are far-sighted, when they lift up their heads heaven-wards and see the Deities and Spirits there, how dare they do evil deeds?”

Yang Jian has a Heavenly Dog always with him. His dog is a divine dog just like the Heavenly dragon, tiger, bird, lotus flower and many other Heavenly living beings  and vehicles used by the divine spirits to move around the cosmos. 
Text Box: Fifth Tribunal of Hell

The Chief in charge is Senluo Wang

This is what Senluo Wang said on 30th May 1977 at the Fifth Tribunal in the Underworld:

“All souls who come to the Fifth Tribunal, must first go to ‘Wang Xiang Tai’ to see what their families on Earth are doing because they still have a blind love for their families and naturally want to know how they are getting on. Therefore, all souls irrespective of whether sinful or not, want to see for themselves what is going on at home after they have died.

There is a sinful soul who has served his punishment in Hades and has come to ‘Wang Xiang Tai’ to see how his family is faring. When he sees that his family now does not feel any sorrow for his death, he is very sad because when he was alive, he loved his family very much and sacrificed everything for them; he now feels that all his sacrifices and love are not repaid and so he starts to cry.”

The drawing on the right is the viewing gallery at ‘Wang Xiang Tai’ for the souls to look back to Earth at their respective families. After that the sinful ones shall be sentenced by Senluo Wang according to the gravity of the sins that they have committed on Earth.

Senluo Wang said that:

“Wang Xiang Tai’ is very wonderful and mysterious. At that place souls are able to see Hades and Earth. 

When a person dies, his soul is separated from his body and his mode of existence changes. That is why he can see what goes on, on Earth, when his soul is in Hades. When in Hades, one’s spirituality is changeable, whereas the spirituality of a living person cannot change.”

On 15th June 1977, Senluo Wang spoke to Yang Sheng at the Fifth Tribunal in the Underworld:

“Present day human beings struggle mainly for fame and money. They don’t care for conscience, reason or righteousness which are all lost on them. Everywhere one can see deceit being the order of the day. Restaurants, barber shops, night clubs, all make use of girls to induce men to patronize them.

Officers of Hades constantly visit Earth to record instances of breach of morality and there is no end of such records. Also, there are places where people visit to satisfy their canal desires, such as dance halls, houses of pleasure, etc; where eventually joy will be followed by sorrow. When such people die, their souls will be sent to this Fifth Tribunal - they are the souls you see here.

Such breaches of morality are very sinful. I want to impress on human beings not to resort to earn money through prostitution otherwise the sins are so great that they cannot be repaid even in three generations. I am in charge of the Fifth Tribunal; I am iron-faced; I do not ask for gratitude.

Every soul that comes to this Tribunal begins to get frightened because my sentence is very strict and severe. If human beings do nor forsake evil ways and turn to the right path they will find out what will be in store for them when they die and their souls come here.

This Tribunal can also be named ‘Loud Crying Prison’ because nothing can be heard here except loud crying. There are 16 Heart-gouging smaller prisons here specially to punish those who have:

Lawless heart, evil thought heart, stubborn heart, hate-filled heart, malicious heart, lewd heart, jealous heart, biased heart, selfish heart, cruel heart, treacherous heart, animal heart, etc.”

On 2nd July 1977, JiGong at the Fifth Tribunal in the Underworld said that:

Belief in any religion is to cultivate the heart and self-culture and it is the ignorant people who always reject other people’s religions and say that theirs is the only and best religion. The Law of Heaven is fixed; if you say that other religions are not good and your religion is the best, it shows that you have two hearts or selfish motives thus destroying universal love and mercy. In this way belief in your own religion is not spiritual success. If such a person is a spiritual success then God is unfair because there will be friction and entanglement in Heaven which will turn into a battle field. How then can we say that there is extreme joy and serenity in Paradise?”