Text Box: Tribunal One
The Chief in charge is:
Qin Guang Wang

A holy Being of the Underworld said:

“Human beings actually have three original forms of existence. The first one in Heaven, the second on Earth and the third is Hell. On Earth, he goes through the process of living his life doing good or evil as the case may be. Therefore, in his lifetime on Earth if he did many good deeds, his soul will go to Heaven but if he led an evil and sinful life, his soul will be sent to Hell which is like a prison and he will be punished for all his sins committed when alive.

When a human being dies his soul is much confused so his relatives burn silver joss paper in the hope that his soul can use the silver joss paper as money to ‘buy’ his way about; and they light the lamps in the hope that the soul’s path may be brightened. In fact there is no need for the silver joss paper or oil lamps because if the dead person in his lifetime did good deeds his soul would be sent to the Heavenly path and if he did evil deeds his soul would be sent to the path that leads to Hell.”

Life in the Underworld

This is what Qin Guang Wang said:

“Human beings on Earth are very fearful of death and want to continue living. In the world there are many people who know that certain deeds are bad and evil and yet they purposely perform these deeds with their eyes open. They therefore do not deserve any pity.

When human beings were alive, they never thought of doing good, they never believed in punishment for wrong deeds, they never believed in retribution after death. They thought that everything would be forgotten as soon as they died. These are misconceptions.

Now after death their souls realize that they will have to pay dearly for their sins and they will be punished for every evil deed done on Earth.

The drawing on the right is the Magic Mirror of the Underworld to prove all the sins done by the sinful souls.

The souls when on Earth were very sinful and performed evil deeds and therefore the soldiers of Hell have no pity when dealing with such souls. This is called well-deserved punishment. If a person does good deeds on Earth, when he dies, the soldiers of Hell and the God of Happiness will show him great respect.”

On the Magic Mirror Pavilion to prove to the sinful souls about their sins, this is what JiGong (Holy Being) said:

“After the souls are reported to the First Tribunal, then they are brought to the Magic Mirror Pavilion. What each and everyone did on Earth will be reflected on the Magic Mirror for the soul to see for himself what evil deeds he had committed. The soul will then realize that he had broken the Law of Hell by having done evil. All the souls on seeing the Magic Mirror will be much terrified and ashamed.

The Magic Mirror has the combined supernatural powers of Heaven and Earth and can reproduce every deed a person had done when alive on Earth.”

All kinds of sinful souls (people) regardless of color or religion can be seen being led deeper into the cave for punishment.

The good souls need not have to suffer in the Underworld and a General of the Underworld said:

“There is no need for the soul of a good person to come to the Underworld. Such a person is considered virtuous and the soul is either conducted to Heaven or directed to the various Tribunals to assess his merits or demerits. It is not necessary for him to come to the Underworld.”

Souls of good people can be seen in this drawing on the right where they can see the sins committed by people of the world from Heaven. They are just sorry for these people but unfortunately nothing much can be done to help these people from committing evil acts. They just look very disappointed by the sins of the world.

There is a place for rehabilitation of Taoist monks and nuns as well as other spiritual practitioners called “Bu Jing Suo” in the Underworld.

Every month, on the 1st and 15th of the Chinese Calendar, the Western Buddhas, Patriarchs of Taoism, various sages and prophets and prelates will come to give sermons to the souls of dead priests, monks, nuns and Taoists.

According to JiGong, these souls during their lifetime were engaged by people to say prayers for the relief of the souls of the departed, to get rid of calamities but these Taoists, monks and nuns did not pray sincerely, they just wanted to get money quickly.

Now that they have died, their souls are sent to “Bu Jing Suo” to make up for what they have cheated in praying. Here they pray by the light of the fire-fly and if one word is omitted the culprit must repeat the prayer 100 times. After everything is over, they will be judged for merits or demerits of their prayers.

A General of the Underworld said that: “If one receives money for praying, one must recite the prayers properly and not cut short or cheat, otherwise one must deserve the proper punishment. If you say prayers free of charge or say any prayers for yourself, this is a different matter. If there is a mistake or mistakes, the Heavenly Law will excuse you.

When every 1st and 15th of the month comes, the founders of Taoism and Buddhism bring their personal assistants to Bu Jing Suo to instruct the souls here in the correct pronunciation and rendering of their prayers.”

Punishments start from the First Tribunal.  JiGong said:

“If you have immoral thoughts you will suffer. The present day trend of human beings is towards science and they do not believe in temples, spirits, faith and religious beliefs.  They do not understand the substance and composition of eternal life. To go to Paradise or Hell depends on the actions, intentions and deeds of oneself.

Paradise is not far and can be reached as quickly as the turning of one’s head. Hell however is not so near as Paradise and can be avoided through ascetic practices. I hope that human beings on Earth will realize that through ascetic practices they need not have to pass through the sufferings of Hell and can move about freely like me.”

A General in Hell said:

“From the beginning of time, there has been a chain of three-cycle cause and effect (karma) rotation in human existence and these karmas have been continuing and will continue in human lifetime. The meaning of ‘past existence’ is not the immediate past existence but the accumulation of all the three-cycle past existence of each individual. Life is governed by 70% past existence and 30% present existence.”