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In the Underworld there are Holy beings such as the Ox-head-horse-faced General and ‘Hei Bai Wu Chang (with long tongue) to arrest the soul of a dying person to the Underworld.

A Holy being in the Underworld by the name of Cheng Huang explained what happened before a human being dies. This is what he said:

“Sometimes an Ox-head-horse-faced General is sent and sometimes Hei Bai Wu Chang is sent; when the soldier arrives at the home of a person whose life-span is about to end, he taps the man’s shoulder and he immediately dies and he leads the soul to Hades. 

If a person is sinful, the hands of the soul are tied up in chains and dragged to Hades, very much like the Police on Earth dragging a prisoner. On arrival, the soldier leads him to the Officer of Cheng Huang to report. His earthly name cancelled from the register here and then his name is inserted in the Ghost Register.”

Cheng Huang further said:

“What I do here most human beings do not know. The work we do here is very much like what the Police on Earth do. ‘Fu De Zheng Shen Miao’ is like a branch of Police Station and comes under the jurisdiction of Cheng Huang. 

When the life-span of a human being is about to finish, the soldier of Hades will bring the warrant for his arrest to this Office. A representative from this Office will accompany the soldier to ’Fu De Zheng Shen Miao’ and a representative from this Miao will follow both of them to Earth to bring the dead person’s soul to Hades.” 

On the practice of Truth, this is what Cheng Huang said:

“Although different people have different beliefs about other religions, the worship of Truth is the same. If such a person aspires to go to Heaven after death, he when alive, must lead or follow the ‘Middle Path’, always doing righteous and good deeds, not leaning towards the right side or the left side, or doing things according to his own whims and fancies. Otherwise there is little likelihood of his going to Heaven, irrespective of what religion he embraces.”

Text Box: Life in the Underworld

Sixth Tribunal of Hell - The Chief is Bian Cheng Wang

On 18th September 1977, this is what Bian Cheng Wang said:

“Nowadays, human beings say that because of science, there are no more spirits or devils; therefore, we now see or hear of so many murders, robberies, treacheries and lecheries throughout the land, and so, people tend to live for today and don’t care for tomorrow; and if they are not spotted by Government laws they dare to do anything and everything.

That is why we see so many moral obligations being flouted everywhere. This is what we call the material world of the present day and that being so, it really pains the heart.

When those human beings who do not believe in the existence of spirits and devils, and those who do not believe in cause and effect, and those who lead sinful lives, die, their souls cannot escape the punishment awaiting them in our Prisons in Hades.

Roughly speaking, the ‘net of heaven’ is very large and has plenty of holes, yet no sinful soul can escape. In other words, the Mills of God grind slowly but surely - Heaven’s retribution, is slow but sure. I am in charge of this Sixth Tribunal which is called ‘Loud Shrieking Prison’ because the suffering of the souls who are sent here are very much worse than the suffering of those souls who are sent to the Fifth Tribunal, thus earning the name ‘Loud Shrieking Prison’.

Inside this main Prison are 16 smaller prisons and so the souls of those human beings who committed grave sins and lack morality are sent here where they have to undergo much suffering and punishment. I hope that when ‘Yang Sheng’ returns to Earth he will explain to human beings that they should take up ascetic practices and maintain one’s duty and self-restraint.

It is all left to human beings to choose what kind of reception they wish to get after death - drink Heavenly Tea or to get suffering through punishment.”

There is a small prison by the name of “Severing Kidney and Rat Biting Prison” under the Sixth Tribunal.

On 1st October 1977, this is the confession of a suffering soul:

“When I was living on Earth, I was a believer of ‘School of Sages’. I was a vegetarian and carried out ascetic practices. I was a married man and had children. Later in life, I got entangled with a woman ascetic practitioner - both of us broke the religious obligations of ascetic practice.

When I died, naturally, my soul could not be admitted to Heaven; so I was sent to Hades instead, to appear before the ‘Magic Mirror’ which reproduced every sinful action and deed of my life on Earth, not a single item was left out and I felt very ashamed. Then I was sent to the Sixth Tribunal.

When Bian Cheng Wang saw me he became very angry and scolded me saying that I had entered through the door of the ‘School of Sages’ and yet, although knowledgeable of the Laws, I had broken them. For my repeated offences, he sentenced me to the ‘Severing Kidney and Rat Biting Prison’.

At first they cut off my penis, then they bound my hands and feet and I was left lying on the floor to be bitten by the Rats. The pain is so great everyday that although I still have my voice, I find great difficulty in speaking.

I hate myself tremendously because for an unfortunate sudden lapse of correct thinking through temptation, and repeated lapses thereafter, I had committed the sins of the flesh. My self-hatred will remain. I hope that those good people who have entered through the door of the ‘School of Sages’ will remain steady and will keep respect and follow the religious commandments, otherwise, like me, any merits they had earned earlier will not be taken into account after death.”

This is what JiGong said after the confession made by the above sinful soul:

“Colloquial language says, ‘vegetarian instinct extends down to the navel only but the lower portion of the body is not taken into account’ - how true it is, therefore the soldiers of Hades and the Rats here have the job of purifying the body. This is well-deserved punishment.”

The drawing on the right shows how the Rats cause the suffering to the sinful souls.