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Firstly the Beauty of Heaven and then expect the unexpected pictorial punishments in Hell. Do not wake up and find yourself there. Click links on the left to see what can be there in Hell. For real punishments described in words, please refer to link on “Journey to the Underworld” or Click Here.

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The beauty of Heaven is for everyone to share. Saints and Sages, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Immortals and all Heavenly Beings live in eternal peace and joy.

Ride on the Heavenly bird and travel through the cosmos without restriction. This is the reward of cultivation, doing good deeds and merits when one is alive on earth. Immortals can also travel by riding on tiger, dragon, lotus flower and many other forms of Heavenly  vehicles.

Heavenly world often portrays by pictures of Buddha, Bodhisattvas, Saints and Sages on the right to indicate the blissful world of peace and joy. This should be the goal of everyone regardless of color or religion to attain. Everyone is from this world and the ultimate goal is to return to this world. Never misuse our right to return and fall down-under to the underworld.  

For the sinful souls, there is no mercy in Hell. From Heaven we can see what is happening on Earth as depicted by the drawing on the right. Be it Chinese drawing or Western drawing, every Heavenly Being can view Earth from Heaven. Our living relatives, friends, strangers etc; it is just amazing and wonderful, on the other hand it can be very pitiful and sorry for those who are lost and committed sins. Upon breathing their last breath, their souls will be sent to the underworld for judgement and then subsequently punishments.

The drawing on the right is The Cave of Xintou Shan. This cave is very dark and it is bottomless. It is the Cave of Hell (Diyu Dong).

In the olden days, the Saints said that the heart controls a person, that is, your heart can tell you to do good or to do evil. If one does good, the soul will go to Heaven, but if one does evil the soul will surely be sent to Hell. It all depends upon yourself, to do good or to do evil. The souls of the evil will first go to this cave upon death.

The drawing on the right shows the arrival of the sinful souls after passing through the cave. Greeting them coldly are the Underworld devilish looking beings. Although the Underworld Devilish looking beings appeared frightening, they are Holy Beings of the Underworld taking charge of sinful souls.

Upon receiving them at the entrance, the sinful souls shall be mercilessly dragged by the soldiers of the Underworld to be judged from the First Tribunal to the Tenth Tribunal for punishment according to the gravity of their sins.

For our own good, click the links on the top left column from Tribunal One to Ten to view punishments being carried out in the Underworld. Life in the Underworld is full of screams where one will gush his teeth and the fire never dies.