Search for Truth
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Circling in circles, one searches for Truth
Hoping to understand the reason
Ending in an end before the search starts
Future recycle will take place over and over
A person who waits will end up waiting
Taking the lead, one will eventually reach
Tacking in the right path, a right brilliance is seen.
Everyone is searching, but for what? Many say that they must
First know of the unanswerable things before they begin. But
as one waits for the answer, time is running out. Man realizes
it not and the search may be too late. Man often asks what the
Universe is made of? Where is Heaven? What type of place is the
Heaven? They seek an answer to all these, yet an answer they
will not obtain.
When a man who is dying of poison, before he seeks medical help,
he wants to know what type of poison he has taken, who was the
culprit and when was the poison put into his food. By the time
he finds out the answer, no medicine may help him at all.
Therefore, man must understand the priority of things and the
urgency of time. By getting the answers to those questions that
act as barrier to your search, you will no longer have the time.
It should be the priority for all to seek an immediate way to end
the misery and pain caused by birth, old age, sickness and death.
Truth is given in many forms. It is passed on by various teachers
and masters. But if one follows it with faith, the Path that you
find will lead you to Heaven.
Many people ask what is the Path, where is the Path and how can
one find it? All Paths that lead are the Way. Do not search afar
for it, it is merely within sight. But to get deeper into things
even with the Path is right in front, it has taken a formless state.
To see something that looks so real, yet in a moment it is all gone.
Thus, unreal will be the state again.
When one feels the right thing with a pure state of
mind and being formless, yet a form takes its state. All things
are like passing clouds and mist. One moment they take on various
styles and shapes. In the next moment, they will be blown away
leaving a clear sky again. Control things with the right sense and
control the state of mind well, for all things begin from the mind.
Like a house that has bad roofing, rain will surely fall into it.
Likewise, in an untrained mind, all illusions will take place. In
the search that man knows not its beginning, begin from the mind
and learn to control it. A storm will not last forever and no rain
will not cease. Get to the right point and take the first step that
Searching and searching, a whole lifetime
Entrusted with something, yet a stranger it was
Among the lights, only one stands out
Remaining in its position to guide
Changeless, it will remain as a Guiding Light
Holding firm as it helps all across to Heaven.
Everything has its truth. The right thing has its truth and so
Does the evil thing with its evil truth. But man must search for
the right truth. Using the right attitude of mind, all things begin.
Begin with an understanding of the teachings. Understand it well
and understand it with realization. Realize in the right manner and
the Truth you will find. Things may look deceiving but with another
form they attract. Attractions are but superficial and when all are
gone, the impurities are sighted. But when one sees the impurities,
things will be too late to resolve.
Seek the innermost beauty for this is the lasting beauty of Truth.
But stillness all must learn to practise for this will help with
the mind control Do not stop with the little advancement that is
mistaken to be the end of Search. The Search is difficult and the
Path is long. Perseverance and faith will guide one through. Have
faith in the right manner and do not seek beneficial things. Faith
is shown with compassion and all things may be clearly shown. The path
shown is in many forms.
One must realize it with the Truth. Distinguish the
Truth from an illusion and one may reach its ultimate form.
If illusion controls the action, then all things will run haywire.
The Search may begin as soon as one realizes the necessity to attain.
For attainment to reach the right stage. Truth you must know.
There are things such as the Heavenly Truth and on earth it is
called the Truth of Life. When it concerns divinity, it is considered
as Divine Truth. But man must first realize the Truth of Life. For
without realizing it how can one realize the Heavenly Truth? Begin
from the foundation and build the pagoda upwards, for without a strong 
foundation, the pagoda will not last. All things have their roots. 
Get to the root of things and the truth one will know.
Seeking in the right direction for the Truth
Open up the three essentials and see within
Onto the Path, all may search
Never think that it is an easy road
Yesteryear reflects on the present in its own way
Anchor in the right harbor that provides shelter
Neglect not the course and condition that take place
Gaining the Truth; walk on with persistence.
Everyone wishes to obtain, but the right manner one knows not.
In order to remain calm and in a stillness form, three things
one must riot forget: the Essence (Ching), Vitality (Chi) and
Spirit (Shen). Combine them well and the spirit will guide you.
For Essence and Vitality are important as nourishment for the Spirit.
When the Spirit is in its proper form, then the mind will be in
control. When the mind is in control, one will maintain a stillness
form. Remain in stillness yet all things are done. There is no action
seen but nothing is left undone. These are the mystics of the Truth.
One sees it in its proper form, but the right state of mind must
be in control.
All things have a starting point. But when this point is in
action, many points are created. Get hold of the right one and
begin from it. For all points will eventually lead to the same
place. When the Truth remains in stillness, it may be formless.
Yet when in action, it covers the whole Universe. Universal Truth
is the same in its own way. Steps are given and the right
directions are shown. Why not begin now and seek the Truth?
People come and go, each time searching but the Truth is not found.
Why end in the same state? Why not strive on? Strive for the
betterment in wisdom. Strive for the betterment of Truth. Strive to
get to the Path that is not easily shown. Strive in the right direction
and keep on until one finds the Truth.
From the other side of the Shore, I sigh. Looking across the
suffering sea, man seeks the Shore. At the yacht that sets sail,
the people wail for the Shore. People placing' treasure till the
end, point at it, as all set beneath the suffering sea. As one does
not know how to control a sailing boat, someone who knows will do
the rowing. But rowing one across, the next chance will not be seen
again. In the sea of suffering, one must learn to row oneself across.
But when one knows how to row the boat, one must try to row the rest
across. The Shore is not far but without the right boat, one will
never get across. Getting the right boat lies in your own hand.
Neither the ABOVE nor destiny controls it.
Serene is the sight of Heaven. Seeking in the right way, pursue to
this Land. Searching for it, the Truth you will have. Sailing in a
smooth way, attain the essential self.
Everyone has a .self but the inner one, you must seek. The two
selves have their different forms. The outer self is in the human
form. In this form, it seeks illusions which are being created.
Dismantle all thoughts for this outer self and let the brilliance
from within shine through. Allow it to be free from hiding but
resume it in its rightful status. By doing so, you will achieve
the first stage of your Search. Without seeing your true identity
of this inner self, one may easily be led astray again. Let the
rightful owner take the control again. For only the rightful one
will continuously seek and search to be free from this land of
miseries and pains. Holding the right path you will find that
things will change.                                                           
Changing to a perfect form
Hold onto the true identity
Erase all thoughts of illusion
Facts, all of you must gain
As further and further one drifts
Taking the Search, turn back as. Truth is seen
Temporary is life on this plane.
When one seeks to attain perfection, the mind and body, one must
first cleanse in the right way and never let dirt fall in again.
The mind must act as a mirror to reflect immediately.
But without the reflection, in its pureness form the mind
remains. If only the mind is like a mirror, one can learn to
clean it daily to free it from all dust particles and allow
the shine of the mirror to reflect in its best form again.
In a deeper state of understanding, all things are void, not
even a mirror should be sighted at all. But man has not
yet attained this stage of total voidness. Thus, cleansing it as a
mirror should be your first step. As one takes on the first step,
one must try to seek the second. The Truth is endless yet it will
lead one to the path of surety as the Truth reflects.
Victory over voidness is no easy task
Owing to illusionary reflection
In which it will be harder to find
Deeds done and deeds undone, let voidness come in.
In a state of voidness, begin your task. For only with
Stillness is voidness stage achieved. Achieve this Great Void
and understand the Truth as a guide. When a mind is crammed and
voided stage unattained, even when Truth is told, it will not remain.
Remain in a total state of voidness. Essence and Vitality are all
within. Thus, combine them with the right Spirit, you will see the
Way. As one seeks an oasis in a desert, seek the Truth as one seeks
water contained therein. Voidness is like a vacuum. Nothing can be
within and therefore, purity one will find. Purify the mind into
the voidness stage and do not allow impurities to set in. All
things are a mystery to the human mind. But do not seek too
far before the Truth is found.
Ceasing to suffer, the pathway must be created
Happiness only begins when Truth is found
Erect the right tower and strengthen its foundation
Facts after facts for good, seek the Lighted Way
Aiming only to row your own boat
Take on others as you row ashore
Tendering your name as a sailor too