Search for Truth
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Coming and going to a holy place
Hope not to follow others instead
Entering into such a place, must be your own will
Further away one walks if the mind is not pure
Along the track of purity one must follow
Take no chance to allow time to slip
Tokens given, one must always remember the giver.
In a place of holiness many seek to gain from what
they still cannot find. Therefore, many seem to ask
what they can actually gain by going to holy places.
All places that people go to, seem to be full of rituals
And recital of prayers often take place. People ask again:
how can they learn in such a place? Is this what they gain
only by going into trance to help solve problems?
Let this old monk tell you some Truth. All holy places
have their usefulness. Although in a holy centre only
recital of prayers takes place, with every call to the
ABOVE, power is transmitted upwards and thereby the
ABOVE feels your needs. For humans to gain from recitals,
it depends on their understanding. Study the prayers and
truth is revealed in every word. In places where divine
sessions take place, one will be able to find someone
who can perceive messages of the ABOVE. Do not merely
seek help to solve problems but rather seek consultation
for the Truth and the Way. When messages are given, study
them in depth. From one message to another, one will
find teachings: teachings that point to the Truth and
teachings that help one to attain. All these places have
something in store for human beings. Seek to find room
for improvement and seek to cultivate in the right way.
In certain holy places, although one may find neither
of the above, there are plenty of books to act as his
teacher. Seek to learn from the teacher who cannot speak and
in due course, discuss with teachers who can talk.
With both teachers, there is nothing that one cannot
gain. Just as the saying goes "within book one can
find permanent treasure". Explore it, think deeply
of its meaning and use your wisdom to judge. All
places that look holy may not be holy. All places
that seem unholy may be holy. These places are
conducted and supported by man. Therefore, in order
to seek the right place to learn, man must truly use
his wisdom to judge. Any place that contains the
teaching of Truth is a holy place and any place
that only consists of a body but without a soul
in an unholy place. Judge for yourself and use
Truth as your guide. With a pure mind, one can
face the millions of evil that pass by.
A holy place that is beautiful to the eye may
not have a good teacher. Yet in the deep jungle,
some men of high wisdom may exist. This is a lesson
to humans not to be deceived by their own eyes. One
cannot judge the surface alone. Only the Truth will
be able to help you to see clearly. Seek not for
personal gain and do not hope for merits but rather
hope that no wrong is done.
Concentrate on the Search and the Truth, and not
on human actions and their good words. Good words
may be pleasant to the ears but untrue in their
contents. Harsh words when spoken will be met with
anger but the opinion expressed in its pure form
will be appreciated.           
Everyone in this world wishes to hear pleasant words
and praise, but how sincere is the speaker? Has anyone
asked? If words of praise are uttered so freely then
their value will be lost. Has man ever thought
of the following questions: Why was I being praised?
Do I deserve such praise? Is the praise given beneficial
or was I being praised because I have power and fame?
Think with care, for not everyone is sincere. Only the
Truth will remain unchanged for it has no form. When one
receives praise, do not act like the clouds that rise
upwards. Anything that walk on cloud to the human eyes
is but a dream. Once awakened, harm one may have already
done. Pride is often the cause of downfall I of man. Just
like a man who is cultivating the Way, with little success,
he thinks that he has achieved much. In doing so, he will
never attain the right stage.