Search for Truth
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Keep your mind open to observe
Use the third eye to see
Admit the rightful Truth
Never allow the untruthful to get in
You, who see things with an open mind
In it you will find much
Note all things at one goal
MERCIFUL at heart, one must be
ONE who comes from the same root, lives as a family
     among all.
In all beings' bodies, one finds warmth. The warmth that
can rise to what degree, only man will know. But remember,
anything that is 'burning' will not be seen clearly. When
fire is in front of the eyes, the heat will blind them.
So, never allow the heat to go out of control. Take
all things calmly and attempt to solve all things in a
cool manner. Never allow the heat to increase more than
necessary. Beings who are already in the suffering sea,
why allow yourselves to be 'burnt up' again?
At all times, the mind must remain calm. In a calm form,
Stillness will help to cool things. Once in stillness,
you will know how to weigh things in the right way. One
must learn to weigh all words spoken or written. Take
only the essential facts and do not allow the unnecessary
to blur your mind. With an open heart, seek among all but
only accept the Truth. Man must be the judge and man must
walk the journey alone. Since no one but yourself can get
you out of the suffering sea, why not begin your journey
when others remain rooted instead? Take the first step
and it may lead others to follow suit. If others remain
rooted just because of you, can you imagine the harm that
you may have done? However, if you start the journey while
others choose to remain, then they have themselves to be
blamed. No man can produce wonders, but learn to do things
for the benefit of all. Seek not the return for the help
you have given.
One may plan to perform good deeds, but learn to forget
them after doing so. Then this is really a good deed
indeed. If fame is what you seek in return for good deeds,
then it is somehow different from the rest. If one
performs a good deed for the reason that others are
doing it, then it is a good deed wrongly done. All deeds
must be from the heart. The thought is most important for
it will show how truly good is the deed done. Although man
may not be able to see through one another, do not forget
that the executor of punishment is your own-self. Your
conscience will judge in silence and once you remain calm,
it will creep into your thought. A mental punishment is
worse than a physical one.
The ABOVE is ever compassionate and understand that all
Humans are fallible. Realize your own wrong, turn over a
new leaf and remedy the past. For what is done cannot be
undone but what you have not done, you may begin. However,
do not take it as an excuse to do wrong. Humans may have
wronged but try not to be wrong again. Turn over a
new leaf and leave this suffering sea for good.
Rectify the thought. Tolerance must be seen. Be patient
to all and things will change in your way. Only love can
ease hatred and kindness will soften anger. Seek to solve
things in the right way and use the teaching as a guide.
Guidance is given but man must first learn to guide his
mind. Let the true-self emerge and allow its unstained
pureness to help mankind.
Victory over oneself is a real victory
Island of your own will only last
Round up the Truth, one will gain
Tendering the goodness is the nature of man
Enough of personal gain, man must seek
Onto the Pureland, all will gain
Unite under the sky as one big family
Singing the same tune, virtues you will find.
Man must learn the practice of virtues. Begin from
your home and spread it. Understand that all are from
the same root, work in harmony and live in peace. Seek
and practise together and the golden Shore awaits.
Virtues are of many kinds but first learn to begin
from your own mouth. Anything that goes out of it,
contains either honey or grapes but it will not be
neutral. Learn to listen in order to judge and not
talk to learn. However, concrete proof you must not be
scared to uphold. Stand upright and do not be uprooted
by the wind. All winds may be strong but your own
determination will be stronger. All virtues begin from
the teachings and all teachings teach virtues. However,
how many truly observe them? By not observing the
teachings, how will one truly practice the virtues?
All men have an inborn nature that is good and pure.
Find it and you will find virtues within. Learn to
practise sincerely and learn what you may gain. A path
is already drawn. A ship that awaits you by the shore,
do not miss it for the next one may never come your
Sorrowful is the sight of the lost beings
Opting not to search, they remain
Opening they have yet to find
Netting in nothing and nothing they gain
Yonder they know not of the danger
A step not careful and they fall in
Nothingness, the stage they cannot attain
Getting closer to the Path, Truth leads the way.
Man walks alone in search of the Path. The further
he wanders, more time he will lose. One who seeks the
Path must learn the method. If man were to walk in all
directions, a lot of time would be wasted. Let the
Truth that is infinite be your guide back to the
Homeland. Wandering in the dark, beware of the pits.
All pits are traps laid down to capture their prey.
Be the hunter of the Truth and with an instinct to
assist. Plenty of beauties await you at the bottom,
but do not let lust get the better of you.
As one wanders along the cliff, the
sight may be serene but the search may end. A lonely
person by the cliff, he thinks deeply in the Search.
What is he searching for? He knows not. Nothing seems
to appear and he seems to gain nothing. Thinking of
the Path of Truth and searching in all directions but
he is lost. A path that is visible is an illusion
that appears to the eye. Truth is invisible to the
self and so is the Path of Truth.
Everyone who seeks to cultivate seems to think that
Meditation will do. Sitting under a tree surrounded
by a peaceful sight, man keeps on seeking but he does
not realize. Thus, the seeker often asks, what then
is the right method to cultivate? Cultivation is based
on the Truth, upon facts, and how much one knows and
how much one realizes. If sitting cross-legged, one
does not find, it is not because the Path is not
shown. Rather it is due to the fact that one has not
realized. What then is realization that man seeks to
find and what should be realized? The stage of
realization is to seek the return of your inborn self.
The true self with its purity is unstained. The self
that can be stained is only the body. The true-self
can never be stained but rather, it is buried so
deeply inside that man forgets about its existence.
Therefore, realization is aimed at getting this
real-self to surface and to allow it to guide you
through. Thereafter, the realization of Truth often
assists man to walk along the path of purity.
Differentiate what is materialistic and what is
not. Know what is impermanent and keep away from it.
Differentiate the truth from the false and the truth
from the slander. Learn to uphold purity and use the
method to cultivate. If man can realize to this stage,
then man will truly gain.
Taking all things as nil
Holding onto nothing at all
Erase the thought of “I” and “mine”
Truth you will then find within
Awaken to the Great Truth that guides
Onwards as the Great Way shows
Things that can be seen with the naked eyes will not
last. Truth that can be told easily is not the Truth
of Light. All things that have forms must return to
what they were. All things from the earth must return
to their original form. The formless and shapeless are
things that man does not really take note of. The inner
self that is formless is often neglected by the owner
himself. Product-design made for gain, man cannot
differentiate. The ABOVE has designed the inner self
in such a way that one may find, but man will take his
own sweet time. Seek when one has the time and not
without. Seek when the Truth is opened to all.
Stimulate the mind in the right direction and grow
as Truth is realized. From a simple action to a bigger
one, undertake the task with the right attitude of mind.
Forget not about your own seeds and roots, and do
not uproot them with your own hand. Cultivate the seeds
perfectly and allow the roots to grow deep in. Miss not
the shoots that are growing and let them grow upwards
firmly and strongly. Do not allow anything to hinder
their growth at all. Things that must be done; do them
in the proper way and do not imagine things that cannot
produce results. The Lighted Path awaits those who search
for it. It is neither hidden nor out of the way. The
Path that is open for all has its shining light and
it is right in front of your own eyes. Get rid of the
desires, hatred and things that weigh man down.
Then you will find the Path in front.
Slowly but steadily, one walks
On a path filled with temptations in its way
Open up to the Truth alone and follow
Never be disturbed by the sight of beautiful things
Yama's call at the moment you least expect
Ascertain the Path you find before the call is made
Nothing lives forever but all will decay
Give the true-self a chance, let it be free.
People seem to believe that they have plenty of time.
Yama does not wait for the readiness of man. The Path
may be well protected but temptations will still be seen.
Therefore, have a steady mind to remain calm and do not
allow the temptations to break through. Be sure that
you know your way Home for this self must return to where
it came from. Do not allow time to rob you of your chance
and do not be blind to the teachings. Coming and going again
and again, is indeed a suffering sight to the Masters who
teach. All truth is one. Follow it persistently and it will
lead you to the right Path.