Search for Truth
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Coming in different shapes and forms
Hoping to be better off
Entering into each stage
Future, some know not
A look at it in general
Taking things as unfair to the eyes
Trying hard to understand why
Many people who seek to cultivate the Way seem
to be worried at certain sight. Some are granted
with longer time and perfect health but some have
hardly a few years left. Some are born perfect,
yet some are retarded. Why? Why? Why? Man often
asks, why some babies cannot escape Karmic effect
set upon them.
In general opinion, the ABOVE seems unfair but
how fair is really fair? One is only getting the
effect of the cause. Fair or unfair, man should
not judge. For, although a person may be born mentally
retarded, he is not actually suffering at all. A
retarded person knows not wealth nor fame, desire
nor lust. He is one of the many who is not controlled
by the six senses that act as the tempter. A young
child who suffers from ill-health may be a pitiful
sight to the adults' eyes. But a baby has no
knowledge of the worldly effect. His suffering
is minimum compared to the adult's. Beggars of old
age, many people will pity them. But what does man
actually know of sufferings? The above mentioned
categories are not suffering as much as one thinks.
Some of their past are of true cultivations but owing
to certain faults they have to return to this suffering
plane again. Once their time is completed on this plane,
they will be received in the Pureland. Some return
because they have compassionate love for the worldly
beings and by coming to suffer, they try to cease
the sufferings of man.
Every person has his own Karma and his own hope.
The ABOVE merely let the effect take its place.
Remember, a person must learn to cease from attachment
and to realize that each has to cultivate his own
way. A child cannot cultivate for the father nor the
father cultivate for the child. A husband cannot
cultivate for the wife and likewise the circle goes
on. Every person must cultivate his own way and find
his own light. To some extent, it may be taught to you,
but to really find this power of the inner self, it
depends on you. Do not wait for others to show you
the way, but rather try to cultivate your realization
and see it in its clear form. The dot of light is
shown to you but whether you can receive it or not
depends upon the clarity of your sight.
In this worldly plane, the people cry of unfairness.
Let me ask, who is the right judge to give merits
and to impose punishments? People say that the ABOVE
judges all things alike and HE is empowered to add
or minus point according to the human error or
perfection. But let me tell you the ABOVE is not
your judge. You are your own judge and for merits
gained you add your own point. For punishments
you create your own hell. Why I say this is simply
because man is the creation of Cause and Effect.
Sow good seeds to reap good fruits and this is the
Truth that remains.