Search for Truth
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Broadcast the Truth of Life
Exclude not the Way inside
Yacht is sent to fetch
Onto the right one, you go
Using the eye to see
Resulting in the brilliance within
Onto the island that shelters
Wandering no more in the dusty land
Never search, yet millions are shown
Island that shelters must be your own
Seeking afar, what is better than near
Landing in the perfect wharf that shelters
Among the best is your own island
Neglect not the one within for illusory islands
Death is not the end of everything
Keeping the eyesight for far-away land
Using the wrong direction, one does not see
Arise now and look within yourself
Netting in results, your own island is seen
Yonder, Pureland awaits your return
Into the right track, begin your search
Nourish the real self with plain truth
COMPASSIONATE love is meant for all
Living in togetherness, one remains in harmony
Onto the land of the ever-rising Sun
Victory belongs to all those who search
Erase personal self but dig out the inner one.
All those who are seeking refuge are seeking an
island that gives refuge. Sailing in the vast ocean
with heavy rain and violent wind, people will try to
search for an island for shelter. By moving in all
directions, one may find an island. But how long can
one remain protected by it? The distance of the search
may be far or near. Yet, in the stormy weather no one
knows his own destiny. Just as many people turn to
the Heavenly Beings as the island but how long can
they be protected from evils or sufferings? No one
can be protected forever by another beings. Therefore,
why not be your own island that saves yourself?
The island must consist of the Truth, the Way and
the virtues. With such an island, you are well
protected from the outside invaders who seek for
your falling back.
Worldly beings, use your wisdom and learn the
Great Love! When all are about to be drown in this
'sea', what would you gain by fighting among one
another? Think carefully. Is it not a foolish thing
to do so? Instead of fighting to drown one another,
all of you should pull your senses together and seek
a way out. Many have already found the Way
and marked on the landmark but none you see.
Instead, all are drowned in this misery sea.
One should not indulge in doing things that hurt
one another. When will man realize the Truth? Time waits
for no man. Summer, autumn, winter and spring, each season
different flowers bloom. With the changing of seasons,
the flowers fade. Upon the return of the next season,
although same flowers are seen but the plants are not
the same.
Learn not to waste time on things that do not give
rise to purity but work in accordance with the teachings.
The teachers may be different and the teaching may be in
different ways but the Truth is one and nothing will change
it. Just as beautiful grass is green, if it consists
of other colors, then different will be its name. Change
not what is unchangeable, just try to find out the truth
in it. Begin now and find your own boat that will take
you back.