Search for Truth
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This Old Monk begins in a light talk. A talk that
seems like a drunken talk. People say I am drunk but
my mind is not drunk. My speech looks simple but
in deep realization, it consists of a better value
than a mere drunken talk. If you want to be drunk
and yet possess pure mind, then you must begin your
journey back Home to this Land. In attaining, one
gets a mind that realizes. Realize what? Let the Fiery
Eyes tell you so.
For the Heavenly Gate that this old Fiery Eyes guards
to be able to come within sight, one must be weightless.
In order to be weightless, one must first realize the
Truth and the Way that lead you to this Gate. Here, no
mercy may be sought. One must return to his true-self
in order to come in. How to overcome problems? The Old
Monk knows the best. Hee Hee! Ha Ha! Hee Hee! He passes
his day and with each laughter someone will gain. Old
Monk Che Fatt realizes the Truth of Life. Can you take
your turn and tell them why you sometimes grant and
sometimes do not?
In a laughter, some will gain for they realize what
the laughter means. This plane is full of suffering
beings and to tell them to cry, they will cry louder
without knowing why. Laughing even at their own sorrows,
they will pick up their way again. For no man wishes to
let others see them in a sorrowful state. A laughter is
like your daily medicine. Laugh in loudness and one will
release all the built up air. Many come to me with good
words and they seek to gain. They promise wine and liquor
if they succeed, but this Old Monk does not even give
this liquor a thought. For those who are fated they will
get what they wish for. So the best way is to allow things
to go their natural course. When a river has to merge with
the sea, nothing can stop it. Although one cannot stop
the merging of the river and the sea, are they actually
merging in its natural form? Old Fiery Eyes may
realize this but the worldly beings know not.
I look dirty but who can judge? Dirty or clean is only
for the eye, but in actuality, the inner self is the
same. What then is dirty and what then is clean?
Only by the bodily form one is branded. But this is
the impermanent body that will return to the world
as ashes. Purity does not depend strictly on cleanliness.
Just as the outward appearance of Che Fatt seems
unbearable, but the inner one, no one can compare
in terms of purity. Judge things not by the surface
but by their inner look. The Merciful One, what do
you think of it?
Mercy shown, just as the Fiery Eyes said, is from
the heart and not on the surface. To a person who realizes,
all worldly things are not in their actual moving state.
The state of movement is motivated by the thought itself.
For all things that remain in stillness, dirty or
clean are but the same. Those who are clean may not
get through Wu Kung stage and those who are dirty need
not necessarily remain. Purity must be judged from within.
Man may be deceived but not the ABOVE. Your own
consciousness will reflect all when your time comes.
Che Fatt will tell you as to what remain in Hell.
Hell! Hell! Hell! what is hell? Is it a condemned
place? Everyone believes that holy people will not be
there. It consists of people who have truly wronged and
it also consists of people who have assisted others to
some extent. You will find restless souls, murderous souls,
souls of monks and ministers receiving the rightful
condemnation. You may not see it and thus you will not
believe. Imagine hell as your present prison where
convicts are punished according to misdeeds. Is this hell
in the human world?
Ha! Ha!
Why do people who promote religious teaching end
in such a place? The Old Monk can tell you the other
side. These are the people who have received initiation,
training and learned religious chantings to help people.
However, having fallen back to this lustful world,
they performed their duties with greed. When things are
to be fully made, yet they are capable of leaving a
job undone. So, they receive their rightful effects.
Fiery Eyes sees good people for He guards the Gate.
Perhaps, He can tell you what type of people enter
this Gate.
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Some people go through with mere sincerity. They may
not know of the teachings in full nor even realize what
they should. However, in the performance of rites, sincerity
lies deeply within. They chant and pray with perfect
sincerity and as such it touches the ABOVE. With the power
from the heart, they pay deep respect and even though it
may stop momentary sufferings, yet they are still required
to cultivate. Some are based on good deeds done in
perfection, not for fame nor for people to see, but
merely for charity sake. Their mind knows not of what
the hands are doing. For such compassionate hearts, who
can refuse entrance to such beings? Yet they too must still
cultivate. There are many different stages, but now I will
not talk too much on them yet. Old Monk! Set the boat ready
and let them a4 sail across, this 'sea'.                    
Ha! Ha!
The boat is ready
The passengers we wait
Look left and right
None of quality we see
Seeking one of pureness
Rowing the boat, lighter it will be