Search for Truth
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Wine tastes as water and water as wine. As long as
the desire does not arise, what is the difference in
taking wine or water? Riches and rags, people
differentiate in between the line. If the thought is
not Seen, even the poor are happy. Things that take
forms are not permanent and those that are formless
remain forever.
Ha! Ha!
The world is full of mysterious things. Let us take a
look at it. People often say that hell is a suffering
place. Let us ask Lord Yama to give His opinions on this.
In this suffering place, the Gate is closed yet many come
this way. The Heavenly Door is open yet few walk towards it.
People walk into this Gate, knowing very well what is in
store for them. There is level after level. It depends on
which level one lands. People who have no merit are bound
to come in. Each level has different souls bearing
different faults. People who practise things contrary
to the Heavenly Way often regret the things they have
done. But during their life time they have forgotten virtuous
deeds. Landing on the present spot, they cry for help and
suffer as their actions had called for it. Wailing and
crying for an opportunity missed, many people have
forgotten about these sufferings that they have gone through.
I feel that all have the opportunity to turn back before
coming face to face with this Gate.
Ceasing from entering this hellish Gate
Hoping for your turn-back, Lord Yama wishes
Entering into the wrong gate, bringing sufferings instead
Face to face with this soul, I hope to hear how you feel
Among the levels, what are in store for the beings
Taking this opportunity to tell all
Taking the warning, they may turn back.
Living among the sight of the suffering souls,
at a look, my heart feels pain.
Many deserve to come in, yet compassionate is the ABOVE.
Attempting to clear all souls out of this place,
Hell may not be one's permanent home.
Learning to regret the past deeds
Of which one must cultivate even in this place
Resulting in entering the recycle again
Dealing with these souls, the six planes await
You should make good use of the human plane
Admission into the right Path is given on the human plane
Making the scorching fire diminish in the eyes
Along the brighter place, undertake your actual task.
Record of past deeds is recorded from your heart.
Why meet Yama when the Fiery Eyes await your appearance?
Controlling the suffering place
Hoping that you could highlight something
Encountering so many souls
Facts that brought them there must be told
All that enter have their reasons to do so
Telling us some of their doings
Taking this opportunity to reach
Look at one of the suffering souls and at the same
time, show his debts. During his life time he was a
corruptor, taking whatever scraps from the people's bowls,
acting not for the people but for himself. From the poor
he took all and from the rich he hid. Trying to get
a farmer's daughter for himself, he met with resistance
and he nearly took the old farmer's life. He then dragged
the poor girl for his own use. Heaven has no place for
such a person. At the age of thirty-nine, his name was
struck off from the 'book'. Seeing his deeds from the
'mirror of truth', he pleaded for a lighter punishment.
For his every action, he suffered not only the 'fiery fire'
but also from the 'hounds' Flesh for flesh it seemed to
him and each piece he had returned for his actions.
hereafter, entering into another 'level', he truly
learnt to repent. Repent all his past, yet he must
return for years of suffering. Pitiful sight it was
but he deserved it. Indeed, it is not a pleasant place
to visit but if all sorts of explanations were to be
given. Ha! Ha! it will take a long time. Let us now thank
Lord Yama for his simple teachings.
Moving onto another place, the greenery is pleasant
to the eyes. At one look, a master sits in deep
meditation, thinking of ways to save. To Master Lao Tze,
I salute. People often follow your teachings: "Truth
cannot be seen, those that can be seen are not Truth.
Truth cannot be explained. If it can be explained, it
is not Truth." Human who are cultivating often have
doubts about these teachings. Can the Master kindly
explain in the most simple way?
What is Truth in the human eyes? Can Truth be really
seen and explained? The Sun rises each day and the
direction remains the same. It sets at the same comer
without fail. No explanation can be seen by man, but
it remains a truth. Asking man to explain why and again,
an explanation, man cannot give. Except that there is
a fixed course, no other explanation in its true form
can be obtained. Can you now see and explain the Truth
for its true value since the Truth remain but explanation
cannot be given? From another side of it, all plants are
planted from seeds. When the seeds bloom into shoots, the
shoots will grow upwards, while the roots remain. One can
easily understand why this happens but the truth in it one
has to think. Why do the shoots not grow sideward instead?
This is the truth but one cannot explain it. The truth to
human life is that all beings when they are born are in
their natural and compassionate way. They know not of evil
and its deeds. If this is the truth, can one explain why
all new born are full of compassionate love? Outwardly,
man may seem good but the truth no one can really see.
Coming up with the Truth that looks so simple
Hoping to clear more doubts, Master must teach
Easily things can be seen yet unable to understand
Facts of truth are truly a mysterious thing
Aiming to achieve the insight of it
Take onto cultivation in its right way
Tying all good performance together, one will attain.
Ha! Ha!
Levels' of cultivation one must not be over-anxious to obtain.
A step at a time but truly understand
Open your heart instead of the eyes to see
Take all teachings together and put them into one piece
Zero will be the power if one tries to jump too fast
Enter into its true stage, stillness one must first obtain.
Stillness is easily said but how can one achieve it? This
Old Monk seeks the Master to explain. Is it sitting in deep
meditation but the mind totally blank? With nothing to think
about, will stillness be achieved? To me, stillness can be
achieved while doing anything but what would the Master
say to this?
The jade stone when found is like any common rock.
It will remain as it is until someone cultivates, cuts
and polishes it. Thus it becomes a precious stone.
Cultivation of stillness is based on the same principle.
When one seeks total stillness and with a mind that
is blank, what can he cultivate?
Stillness in form yet stillness it is not
Taking in all forms of realization in it
Into its original form, one brings it out
Letting the shape to take its place
Limitless in the work seen while in the stillness stage
Nothing cannot be achieved through it
Events from outside, one may control from the mind
Sensing all things in this stillness stage
Seeking the Truth depends on the stillness seen.
Calmness and stillness, stillness and blankness; what
are the differences? With calmness, blankness and
stillness one can also achieve. But where lies the
difference among these three? To be calm, it is as the
water in a cup. Without any interference, it awaits the
particles to set to the bottom and thereby, let the water
have a clear sight. A person who is calm thinks before
each action is taken. Thereby, one will not be over-anxious
but acts calmly in any state of mind. Blankness though
is blank, yet the mind must not be totally blank. For if
the mind is blank, then one will have no thought of his own.
In this phase, how can one realize? Stillness is a
combination of these two. Calmly one takes on things but
in blankness one realizes the Truth. Therefore, nothing
can move them and nothing will. Those who attain this
stage, they are unmoved by temptations and are cultivating
in the correct Path. They will be able to realize more.
It seems in every lecture we talk of realization. Man
often asks what is the realization that they are seeking
for? To what extent should one try to realize? Perhaps
this Old Monk can answer this for you.
Really seeing your ownself
Ending the recycle from the Truth
Age not with time until one finds
Living not in a dreamland of impermanence
In seeking the true face and seed
Settle in a stage of seeing all past
Among the recycles one may follow
Taking on meritorious deeds as one realizes all
Into the real you, you find peace
Opting to turn from evil, your thoughts will be
Netting in all into the same boat, the recycle you
 have broken,
Ha! Ha!
Realizing the real self is the ultimate aim. In the
course of it, one will realize between good and evil.
From the realization, one will refrain from what is not
right. Just like a strong young man who seeks your
assistance. He will not work but daily seeks food from
you. If you give him the food, indeed it is a charitable
deed but on the other hand you are encouraging him not to
work. Which is right and which is wrong? If you can
realize this, you will know which one is truly a
charitable deed. Therefore, realization is important
not only to seek your inner self but also to seek
the truth of things.
If one can understand his every action and differentiate
Fantasies and realities, one will then be able to benefit.
Real, what is real? Unreal, what is unreal? For many a time,
man often cannot differentiate them. The unreal, they take
for real. The real thing, they think it is not so.
The air is real but no man can ever touch or feel it.
The mists and clouds look so real, yet nothing contains
within them. Human life is unreal for it is not a permanent
affair, yet man take it for real. Thereby, they see
everything with seriousness. They cannot get away from
money and fame. Money in its paper form, man can feel it,
look at it and even enjoy playing with it. But with a big
fire, nothing will ever remain.
Ha! Ha!
Do not be over-serious about what is real and what is
not. Just do your duty in the best way and cultivate with
every moment that is left. Cultivation need not be sitting
down nor be in a meditation stage. In your daily affairs
you too can cultivate. Cultivate by first rectifying yourself,
your thoughts and your every action.
Keep a good look at all altars
Using all sorts of things to pray
Among all, commonly found are golden tales
Never assume that they will turn real
You should be able to realize what Truth is
In which nothing will change
Netting in all beings, one must first cultivate.
Che Fatt talked on cultivation and I talk of cultivating
for salvation. A cultivated person who understands the Truth
will know how to save and do his part. For if one person can
truly help another to realize, then both of them will be able
to teach another two. Thereby, it will multiply. Hoping to
row your boat, try to teach others to do so as well. If you
see the Truth during cultivation, pass it onto another and
you will still have the same Truth. But now the difference
is that two persons have gained from the Truth instead of
one. Although people cultivate in different ways, the
Truth is meant for all. Since it is for all do not be
selfish with what you have obtained.
Man is not born selfish. Sometimes he wishes to teach but
is afraid to do so, thinking that he may be wrong. But if
he were to speak up, all could put the heads together in
order to search in a better way. Truth is unlimited,
for one realizes this and another that. If these can
be combined then the full set you will get.
Ceasing from the search one will not obtain
Hoping to gain the Gate Way, search must be made
Enclosed in the four walls yet realization is great
Future cultivation depends on your own gain
An answer is given in many ways
Tie the knots together and one you will find
Tidy up the little mind and continue refreshing it.