Search for Truth
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Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha!
Coming to spread the Dharma
Holding no manuscript in hand
Ending in teaching the disciples
Factors of Truth told from the heart
Attempting to pass on the right word
Tenderly, plenty is placed in your hands
Telling them the Truth from the heart
Victory over the millions' heart
Enabling them to practise hard
Neglecting not in the inner meditation
Encountering opposition from the start
Remain in history, the name is remembered well
About the heart power, I hope you tell
Bringing the Truth from the far-away land
Landing in the hearts of all man
Entrusting with the duty, Dharma thereby spreads.
BODHIDARMA remains the household name.
Ha! Ha!
Coming from the far-away land to spread the wonderful
Truth to man. Manuscript and Dharma, I cannot bring,
but all are contained in my heart instead. Riding on a
reed, I crossed the River Yangtze and people wonder how
I could do such a thing. People hope to learn the
power equal to this but what a pity that none has
achieved. What is the power and how to attain it?
When one sees power, power is actually nil. But people
hope for power, thereby it grows from the heart. Taking
root, it grows into power of a million kinds. Without
power, yet power is there. With power yet one cannot
find it. To achieve the understanding of the Truth, one
must use the right method. Practising the inner-heart
meditation, one may realize more. All realizations take
place from inside and not from outside. When the heart
grows, everything will grow. When the heart dies,
everything will cease. Passionate desire begins its
growth from the seed. The root takes place and one sees
the plant. If there be no seed or root, there will
neither be newborn nor death.
Bring out the power of the heart
Only by searching one may find
Deeds of the past are seen in front of the eyes
Holding onto the heart power, all things you will find
In a dream-like form you seek Truth
Dealing with the mysterious Truth, you know not what to do
Among the best way is to search inwards
Remaining in stillness you will feel
Making the frequency right, perceive the right Truth
A newborn will then be seen in you again.
Ha! Ha!
What a way to tell them the Truth! Working in all
directions, they should perceive the Truth. The Venerable,
if a person loses the heart, will he still live on? If
the heart were to be in one piece, could he faces death
Ha! Ha!
Che Fatt, this question should not be a stumbling-block
to you. At this moment, your explanation may be even
better. But, let me see clearly and answer you as you
wish to be. A heart is but an organ. If the physical
heart passes off, the inner one will still be able to live
on. If the organic heart is in a perfect form, this does
not mean that it will last. The impermanent must eventually
die off, while the permanent must remain.
For all that pass through this Heavenly Gate, permanent
is the inner heart. If you are so determined to find the
Truth, every action must support the speech. Considering
the compassion of the Great One, why then are there natural
calamities? Can The Kind Venerable explain this?
The compassion from the ABOVE is like parents' feeling
Towards their children. They love their children more
than anything else. If their children are to take the
wrong road and do nothing but evil deeds, what do you
think the parents will do? Their heart will then feel
painful, as if it has been stabbed by a knife, but in
order to help the children, punishment must be given.
If you punish one child, the second and the third will
then take heed. Now, do you realize why calamities must
take place? In the human plane, people are too involved
in their own things. As such, they have no time to truly
calm down and think of the past, the present and the future.
Why do calamities take place and what are their purpose?
During one's life-span, one searches halfway. The next
life-span, one forgets about the first-half search that
he has done.
Cultivating, no doubt, is difficult for one does not know
its start and end. However, plenty of guidance are given
and man still asks where they are. A thought gives rise to
the seed and the seed gives rise to the roots. When the
roots grow firm, everything will start to grow. If there
is no seed, there will be no root and without the root,
nothing will grow. Learn to keep away from desires, for
if desires are strong, one will overindulge in a lot of
things. All I am asking of you is to sit down and meditate
but how many can really do so? It takes a combination of
the herbs to cure an illness. Therefore it takes a
combination of truth to realize the perfect stage.
Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha!
Man can hardly sit calm and still, and think for more
than three hours at a time. If this cannot be achieved,
how then can one begin the first step to meditate?
The Venerable Bodhidarma had remained in a meditating
stage for nine years. If the Venerable could do it, you
could at least try to achieve one-eighth of it. If man
wishes to remain in this dream-like state without
maintaining actual stillness, he will merely move on
without any gain. Therefore, be awakened and follow
the steps of the Sages and lead on but do not fall back.
The Venerable, please explain on what is goodness and
what is evil and what Heavenly Beings are and what
devils are.
Bringing in goodness and evil
Of which one is Heaven and one is Hell
Dragging it to either side, only a line away
Holding the right thoughts; Heaven will be your plane
In moving across the line, darkness you will find
Dealing in such a case, your mind will be the master-piece
Arranging not to go over the track, remain in a determined state
Rain or shine, all things must remain
Melting all evils that come your way to distract
A match with evil, goodness must be its opponent.
The good and the bad come from the same place. Just as
When one sows some seeds, the soil and the ground are
the same. However, some seeds turn out good and some
turn out bad. All things begin from the inner heart.
Evil or good, one turns his own destiny chart. If the
heart is evil, all actions will be evil. If the heart
is enlightened, then one will tell the Truth. All
actions mean more than words. By speaking, one cannot
achieve but by working, things will be done. Do not
misunderstand the meaning at times. When I say a
heartless man will achieve, it does not mean that a
person should go without a heart.
When one achieves stillness, one can still hear and see
things that are not of the present world. How can this be
done? Sometimes people see their own past and know every
birth and death. Would it not be a horrible sight to see
one's own death? All these are the doubts of the cultivated
ones. A person who can attain to this stage, his mind will
be ready for what appears before him. Being able to look
back on the past will benefit the cultivator. For every
mistake made at that time, one may remedy it now. And from
the sight of all birth and death, one will be assured of
the fact that there are recycles. Once they have realized
this, they will then seek an end to ail births and deaths
and thereby attained the stage of breaking away from recycle.
At their next stage, they may then cultivate without the
pain faced by all beings who have not escaped.
Ha! Ha!
You might have talked on certain things but allow me to
Add something extra. All human beings are unconscious of
their past. But each birth and death is recorded in its
own way. Deep in the sub-consciousness lies the answer,
hidden deeply like treasure from the eyes and awaiting
its discovery. If all humans can realize the past, it may
bring them more harm than good. Therefore, the 'spot' is
only opened to the ready and prepared ones who have no
attachment nor desire on I this human plane and are not
thinking of themselves but of all beings. If one suffers
for millions to be saved, one should go through the task
without any hesitation at all. Thinking only of the far-away
Land of Paradise, be ready to be persecuted for the millions
who can cross the suffering sea.
Bringing the teachings in togetherness
Opting for the journey to the distant land
Dealing with people, heart determination must be seen
Holding on to the Truth that I brought along to teach
Illness will not stop me nor River Yangtze
Deeper into the jungle, more fruits one will see
A mark at the centre, a mark for all eyes
Remain in the temple, I passed on the word
Making for my Home, only my true-self returns
A guidance set, rules made, one must cultivate.
Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha!
Today indeed this centre of TER has the great pleasure
of the Venerable Sir; teaching as you have once taught
to all. Riding reeds across River Yangtze without fear,
nothing can block your way and this, our student must learn.
Ha! Ha!
To have good teachings, read from books for they are your
teachers. Listen to the Venerable, the Master is your teacher.
Learn from Him for the effort to come here is great. The
Venerable Bodhidarma who set foot on China, has really set
the root of Buddhist teachings. Neither through paper nor
notes, but from the heart the Truth is told.
Coming to answer the doubts of man
Holding authority, Bodhidarma will appear again
Endless are his teachings that are without notes
From the heart, each one will keep note
Arise now and awaken to the Truth
Tackling not behind others but move forward too
Trying hard to see, ask when doubts are found.
Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha!