Search for Truth
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Ha! Ha!
A word with the Master is worth more than gold. Each
Teaching has its meaning and man must learn from it.
All possibilities have been made in order for man to find
his Way. Sad to see, many are being pulled back into the
plane of sufferings. Having difficulty to see and with the
dust covering his eyes, man does not really know what pulls
him back.
Controlling all desires of greed
Hopping into the right ship
Even as one boards it
Facing the gravity that pulls him back
A person who cannot control his own desires
Taking on the task that pulls him down again
Trying hard to achieve, emptiness one must feel.
One tries to seek his way across the desirous sea. As
one begins his journey, he does not know how many pirate
ships that sail in this sea. One minute he sinks and the
next he floats. Floating and sinking seem to be the daily
affairs. Killing the strongly felt desires, one may
even float on reed. Floating on reed is the speciality
of the Venerable One. Perhaps the Kind Venerable can open
our students' eyes.
Bringing all downfalls, 'desire' is the word
Onto the inner battle, conquer all
Deeds of the past as experience to the present
Holding onto the right thoughts, one must learn
In a dream-like stage, one searches for the Truth
Duration may be long but worth its while
Arise now and begin the joy of searching
Remain in a calm stage and recall all deeds
Much is the work of desires that man cannot escape from
Arrange for the practice of inner stillness and you may see.
To all those who are trying to cultivate, how much have
you done? Though charitable deeds are being performed,
is this the right search? AH starting points must begin
from the heart. With genuineness, things will work.
People who serve mankind practise humanity but to what
extent is their work? If desires are not overcome, their
search is still far off. The worst desire of man is greed
for which many have died. Wealth and fame are like the
passing clouds which if only man can learn to forego and
live a simple life, his heart will feel lighter. Throughout
man's life, his eyes are opened by the greedy desires.
Extinguish this thought and there will be no need to fight.
Fighting over some un-plotted land, what will man get in the
end? Do not pretend that all things are impermanent unless
you have truly realized. For if one has not realized then
he is merely cheating himself. However, if one says that
he has really realized, then his every action will tell.
Desires is the greatest enemy of the cultivating man
Enemy builds up within one's own self
Surely the fire of desire can be diminished
In doing so, endurance is the word that helps
Rough sea and high mountain should not block you
Erect the right tower and in it, one searches.
Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha!
Erecting the tower is easier said than done
Red sea has not blocked its student's way
In enduring, know the hard work
Seeking to put out the fire, determined must be the heart
Enemies often prove to be the closest one
Drag on no more but begin your work.
Ha! Ha!
One often talks of the power within the cultivating
one. What is this power and by what is it built of?
Since the power is within, it must be only meant for one.
In such a lonely state of mind, how can one search on?
Chasing round the comer
Hoping to teach all beings
Erasing all thought of unworthiness
Facts are facts but not written ones
A word is spoken from the heart
Toying with the most suitable words
Turn back, for the Shore awaits your return.
Ha! Ha!
Trying to realize, inner perception one must possess
Reasoning among your thoughts, Truth you may tell
Usual teachings are written by the millions
Taking the 'heart teaching', passing on by One
Holder of Truth will spread the word.
Your own true self dwells in this Tower of Truth in which
much teaching it contains. People who seek this Tower need
not go to faraway land. Vast may be the land but all are
equal. Why search from one place to another when you are
ready standing at the bottom of this Tower? Good and evil
come from one place, dwelling in the same place and fighting
for a place to stand. From this little 'dot', all things grow
from it. Nourish it well for the growth will benefit man. Let
it sway and it will create trouble. Do not look down on this
little 'dot'. Once in expands, it covers all land. Little does
man realize its importance. Therefore, cover it well and hide
it deep. Just like the Sun, when being covered by the clouds,
its shine is not great. Clear the clouds away and the sunshine
is seen over all land. Polish it well and polish it with care
to allow the brilliance to shine through.
Bags of silver and gold
Only appear and disappear
Dramatic it may seem
Health is worth more than gold
Illness created for no reason
Dealing with it, man does not know
A part gone with no replacement in sight
Remaining in a dreamy sick land
Making for the Search to find
A life time is gone and you do not know why.
Ha! Ha!
Everyone knows that sickness is a ‘passing thing'.
No one can predict it and no one can prevent it. When
he 'call' comes, people fight for time, thinking that
all things are advanced and with money things will turn
out well.
Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha!
Think in a simple way. Simple ye«t complex is the thought
of man. All things have their reasons and all have their
cause and effect. Sickness that is minor will not calm man
and serious illness man fear of its appearance. If man
fears this, seek its prevention before it starts. A lot
of sicknesses can be cured on the surface yet the 'root'
still remain. To cure any disease, the root must be taken
out. All men must face death but it depends on how bravely
one faces it. When one examines a disease, seek its
starting place. From this, proceed to work on it and
look for the right herbs that cure.
Calamities faced by man
Hoping to go through
Entering into its Gate
Facing it with strength instead
A root is the growth of all things
Taking off the root and none will grow
Trying hard to pull it off, right one seeks.
Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha!
Inner sickness one sees not
Nothing is seen, nothing is done
Notorious is the thought
Erase the desire fast
Remedy, seek perfectness
Seeking to cultivate well
Expand not the inner thought
Looking at the root that grows
Failure to keep track, other things grow.
For a person who is searching the Truth, the way
is hard. Things seem to sink to, their bottom. To try
to float again, one must find the reason for the sinking.
Things do not just simply appear and disappear. Neither
do they simply sink nor float. All things have their
reasons. Get to the bottom and you will find the root.
For when one gets to the root, all cures may be seen.
Just like you see a wealthy man, instead of envying and
hoping to reach the same stage, first find out how did he
get rich. Then work for it as he had done. But remember,
all things must come in their natural form and one must
not force himself, for it will give rise to side-effects.
Not all men are the same. Their destinies are in their own
hand. Work for the right thing with the right method and
you will be happy. He who is satisfied with whatever he
possesses, will feel happy throughout. He who is not
satisfied will have greediness roams his mind.
Peace he will not get
A seeker of the Way pays very little for the possession he has
Thinking of the worldly beings, he should try his best to help
Humans should learn humanity and in it they learn the Truth.
If humans do not possess humanity, the journey will still
be very far. Walking this road is like walking among the
wild beasts. Dangerous is the journey and one must be firm.
Let the Essence and the Vitality combine into one and by
doing so, one may concentrate well in facing forces from
all directions. Essence and Vitality in man are the most
precious possessions. If man loses them, life will be lost
Bringing peace to all land
Opting to walk on
Dragging on, one must still move
Heeding to the needs of man
Irresistible is the cry that howls
Drinking not to the sad call
A step guided to help all
Reliance on the teachings taught
Moving as the Decree calls for
Aiming only to save all
Credit to the work of all
Hold on strongly to the 'door'
Erect the ship that saves
Future working depends on all
A thousand words are spoken
Track the teaching that leads
Tramp not on the work that teaches.
In life, man seeks things in the wrong way, moves
in the wrong direction and guards the wrong 'door'.
All work and teachings of the ABOVE pass onto man,
hoping that he will save one another but sad to note
that none have done so. Sincerity and loyalty, where
have they gone? Knowing yet no performing, then what
is the use of knowing? Man of wisdom, turn up and pull
yourself together in order that you may lead. Seek not
merits but hope that there is no wrong deed. Merits
that can be seen are no merits at all, for they are
merely staged as a show. As the Great Venerable has said,
all things must come from the heart. In helping others,
once the work has been completed, put it out of your
thought. Be sincere in every action and guard the right
'door'. For a cultivating person, he guards the mouth as
the first door. Speak only the right thing at the right
time and be sure that it is a constructive talk. To the
speaker, words are spoken lightly but to the listener he
may think otherwise. If one does not have a bit of
endurance, how can one guard his first door? Being a man
who cultivates, take in only the constructive teachings
but leave out the idle talk. Idle talk does not benefit
anyone. Why waste your breath in doing so? Use your breath
for better purposes and speak on things that will help mankind.
Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha!
Train to serve with sincerity
Treat all men alike
Awaken to the Great Truth
Fasten to the teachings that teach
Erase all the bad thoughts
Hold on tight to guard the doors
Change not as the weather.
Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha!