Search for Truth
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  Creating all possibilities for the Search
  Having all on the equal path
  Events after events for all
  Further as one proceeds with the Search
  An attempt made, new things are gained
  Taking the right opportunity and never miss
Trying hard is not as good as working hard.
  As humans go through their lives/they could easily
  learn from each and everything. Due to the sight of
  human sufferings, all possibilities have been opened
  up for the Search to take place. In a lifelong process,
  events after events are taking place. Each of these
  events has something to teach man. Search is not mere
  saying. One must search deeper into the Truth. An in-depth
  study of the Truth may lead one to realization. Realize
  your own seed within yourself and realize who you really
  are. At this chaotic stage, everywhere you hear of divinity.
  If the Truth is of goodness, follow its teachings and one
  will still gain. Sighing for a lost thing is of no use.
  Work for it and you will still gain. Lectures after
  lectures I have delivered but only to receive their echo.
  Hoping that someone will lead all the suffering beings,
  lectures are given on the double instead. Oh! The
Venerable, help me to teach them in the perfect way.
  Bringing up the young to adulthood
  Of which it is never an easy task
  Dealing with human is sometimes worse
  Helping them, they appreciate not
  In need, divinity they seek
  Digging out the true nature
  A person must begin from the heart
  Ruling of the heart with perfectness
  Moulding the nature to the best
  After the teaching, they will then seek.
  Even parents do not know the thoughts of their own
  child. What the child will do next remains a guess.
  Trying to mould the character of the child, the parents
  teach him in all ways. However, how many have truly
  received these teachings in good faith? What they do
  not know they dare not ask. What their little minds know,
  they do not reveal from the start. No matter how old the
  child is, even at sixty he will still remain a child in
  ]the parents' eyes. Parents have undergone many
  Difficulties in bringing up the child. Many worrisome
  periods they have to pass. Their love for the child is
  so great and no matter how bad he turns out to be, he is
  still their child. Teachings after teachings and pardons
  after pardons, yet the child still gets love from the
  parents. Great as it may seem, what then is it in comparison
  to the love of the ABOVE?
  All things have their starting point. For humans, things
begin from the heart. The very thought of man will make
  an angel or a devil out of them. Teachers may be in abundance
  but if the thought of learning is not there then what will
  a thousand words mean to them? If the thought to search is
  there, then they will travel afar to seek the Truth and to
  learn from the Sages and Teachers who may teach them. When
  talking about the thought and realization, let us hear
  what the Keeper of the Heavenly Gate has to say.
  Hee! Hee!
  The Venerable Sir, your parables are simple, yet the
  meaning is deep. Coming from your heart, all teachings
  should end in the right place. The thought is of great
  importance if one wishes to proceed. If man has no
  thought of entering this Heavenly Gate, he will not walk
this far. The thought will lead to the Search and the
  Search will lead to an in depth study. By doing so, one
  will realize things that he has never realized before.
  By name, I have one that all of you should seek. Seek
  even further and you will gain the Way. My masters used
  to call me Wu (Realize) Kung (Emptiness). How would these
  words be relevant to man's search? Perhaps the Venerable
  will enlighten you.        
  Hee! Hee!
  Hee! Hee!
  REALISE the Truth, gain the attainment
  EMPTINESS in words, much will one feel
  TO begin the Search, realize the Truth within
  ATTAINMENT when reached, is like mist
  IN realizing all, one understands more
  THE emptiness within 'six gates'
SEARCH, one will then begin.
  In the Search, man of cultivation must learn two
  things. Firstly, realization is an important stage
  and if one wishes to seek further, realization is a
  necessity. For with realization, the wisdom is then
  opened up. When the wisdom is opened up, the knowledge
  will then be widened and one will be able to see things
  at their best. When one goes deeper into it, one will
  realize his own nature and find his true-self. When these
  two treasures of man are found, attainment to Nirvana is
  near at hand. Secondly, emptiness is very often talked
  about by the cultivating man. What then is the nature of
  emptiness? Emptiness, though it seems to be, is filled
  with Truth. Emptiness leads to the prevention of desires.
When one really realizes that the world is actually filled
  with emptiness, he will never sway left or right for personal
  gain. Lustful desires will not surface if man fully realizes
  emptiness. Since everything appears to be beautiful and yet
  cannot remain, why be attached to it? Detach from the illusion
  that blinds man and onŽ will feel happy again.
  Bringing up to the surface the true-self
  Of which much realization one must have
  Dreaming not for attainment but work for it
  Helping each other with the right compassion
Inner-self will prove to be pure and clean
  Duration of time must be endured by all
  A missing link, one must search for its return
  Rushing not into things but for Truth alone
  Making for the Pureland, all must do
  A step daily, destination will still be reached.
  Taking the centre point to begin the Search
  A point that remains with the Truth
  In action it takes on its task
  Simply by this mere TRUTH, all things begin
  Ever ready to be on the move
Onwards like the wind, none can tell when
  Never think poorly of the inactive things
  Giving you life that you know not
  Learning the Truth, things begin from realization
  Only guard it as a dot
  Waiting for the true nature to surface again
  Keeping the ultimate of the nature
  Use the right attitude to understand all
  An ultimate Truth it will always remain
  Neglect not this Path in your Search.
  The Truth begins from a 'dot'. At this point, one
  sees the guiding Light. The light that is brilliant,
the eyes cannot be taken off from this sight. Light
  may be light but do not be over-attached to it. Realize
  its point and purpose and with the right attitude,
  ll will gain.
  Ha! Ha!
  Ha! Ha!
  Coming face to face with the Light
  Hoping that it will guide
  Easily a treaty could have been made
  For if one searches, the Truth one will obtain
  Arrange for your own boat to set sail
  Tailor-made to your requirement
  Taking the knowledge that will benefit all beings.
  The Light that is sought by all, as a guiding Light,
  it will surely guide. But if man is over-dependent on
  this Light, what will happen if man cannot see it? Begin
  to work for meritorious deeds and be prepared to get
  enough faith to meet. The 'lighter' one gets, the clearer
  is the guiding light. For those otherwise, even if the Light
  is bright, the eyes are too blinded to see. People often
ask what is the important of this Light. When a man goes
  on a long journey and the road is narrow and dark, he may
  easily get lost if he does not know the way. Left or right,
  be will wonder which way to go. If there is a right Light
  shinning ahead, he will be guided where to go. Moving
  towards this Light, one feels safe on this journey that
  he walks alone. Before walking on this road, one
  must learn the Light, its color and how it shines.
  By knowing its nature, one may not be misguided by lights
  of other nature. Learning about it depends on how hard
  man seeks to learn.
  Closing to the ending of the first part
Hopefully the Decree will end here
  Examples must be shown to lead
  Future depends on the fate to be
  A doubtful person who seeks will gain
  Taking not too strongly to pride
  Truth must be searched and it you will see.
  Controlling your own passport
  Hoping to maintain it
  Ensure that the right one you have
Future lies in your own hand
  A word easily said
  Taking things lightly
  Trying to forget
  In this human plane, simple but strong words are used.
  Things that are simple, none may believe. In the worldly
  plane, if man were to travel from one country to another,
  the right document must be produced. For upon entering
  that country, checking will be made. The officer-in-charge
  will then grant entry. Just as in the eyes of the ABOVE,
  anyone who joins a religious place, a name he may hold.
  Holding this name as the passport and upon reaching the
Gate-Keeper, light as one may be, entry will still depend
  on attainment. Some have even refused from leaving their
  own land because of their attachments. Thus, hold it right
  and the right attitude one must have.
  KUAN YIN (Goddess of Mercy)
  Keeping away from the stormy weather
  Using the right protection one deserves
  A tempter who has tempted all men
  Never sail in this rough sea again
  Yesterday is of the past and gone
In repenting, man must truly search
  Never dishearten the ABOVE Who has been so kind.
  It seems to be the daily affair of man to sail in and
  out of the stormy sea. In good weather, they set sail
  in the desirous sea that keeps them back. Only during
  stormy days, man regret forever for having set sail in
  this sea. He cries out openly but Heaven and Earth seem
  deaf to his call of help. However, has man ever thought
  of whether he deserves it or not? Although the ABOVE is
  full of compassion, HE only answers to two types of call:
  firstly, to those who deserves and secondly, to those
  who truly repent.
Cloud formations may be a beauty, but once gone, nothing
  Will ever remain in the same form or same place. Just as
  the worldly materials will never remain too. A person who
  feels calm and satisfied is a happy man. Pull yourself
  together out of this suffering sea. The Shore awaits
  your return. Why drift onto nowhere-land? The sea may
  be rough, but if one persists on his own return, one
  will still get back. The only trouble with man is that
  he does not know when to move forward and
  when to retreat. If man keeps on thrusting forward in
  the wrong track, the road for the retreat may be blocked
  in the middle. How then can man return? At all times,
  man must know what and why he is doing and the
  consequences of his actions. Never allow the dust to remain
  for too long or else one will not see again. Be sure of
oneself and at no time should one be lost in his own dreams.
  For a dream remains as a dream and nothing constructive will
  ever take place. Be willing to share with others if you have
  more. However, hope not for returns. Be compassionate
  as the ABOVE has shown compassion upon you, but be sure to
  judge in the right way. Humans should return to the
  Cultivated Way and take the journey Home again.
  Coming up with a Book of Search
  Holding onto Truth that guides man
  Even as THE MERCIFUL ONE speaks
  For the lost one, message it contains
  A person who seeks will then find
  Taking the guidance, on reed you sail
  Thanks to the ABOVE, all men may be free.
  A book which is in its most simple form, the seeker finds
  calmness in reading it. All truths begin from your own
  heart. When it is not stained, many things can be achieved.
  If it is stained, one must clean it slowly and steadily,
  for if a stain is not cleaned, it will remain forever.
  Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (Goddess of Mercy) has been
  merciful to all. When one is in trouble, read the teaching
  and he will get through in the right way. Be guided by
  THE MERCIFUL ONE and learn to progress in time to come.
  Work for the benefit of man. One must not be selfish to
  share. Share the knowledge and all may gain.