Search for Truth
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  Coming forth with questions unanswered
  Hoping to seek clarification to gain
  Ending of one stage, beginning of another
  Facts we answer to your needs
  At the crucial point
  Take on with the right understanding
  Trying to attain, first achieve the insight.
  Bringing things to a better understanding
  Only the heart will be your judge
  During each answer, grasp the meaning
  Holding onto Truth, the road will be clear
  Into the same track, all will go
Digging for the Great Way, cultivate It well
  An answer for one will be for all
  Reasons of understanding depend on how things are put forth
  Making for the right mood, the two of us take place
  Arise now and be guided to the Path.
  Ask in the right manner and ask in order to seek.
  Ask now for some directions that have been shown in
  many ways.
  Let us now begin with the questions:
  Q. 1 Since our present life depends on Karma of our 
  previous life, why are we not given a chance to remember 
  what we did before so that we will not repeat the same error?
Ans: When one grows fruits in his own garden, the plant
  upon harvest will slowly die off. And the next thing
  that happens will be a new plant replacing it. The plant
  of today will never be the same as that of yesterday's.
  Keeping Cause and Effect in mind, a person should
  work for tomorrow. To remind one of yesterday's
  fault may not help. Repentance for mistake of this life:
  that a person has not done, what then is the use of
  telling more? In this life everyone knows the mistakes
  he has made. Although he feels bad and wishes to turn
  evil into goodness, worldly dust often covers his eyes.
  For the mistakes of this life, he seeks not to change.
  By telling him of the past, it may even over-burden him.
  When one does not care for the present, will he do
  anything about the past?
  Q. 2 Whenever I sit down, close my eyes and stay calm, 
  I tend to see a purple light. May I know whether it is 
  an illusion or a true light. If it is a true light, what 
  is the significance?
  Ans: The brilliant light with its beauty can be seen by
  all. All beings see the light but it depends on whether
  one knows how to make good use of this light. In a room
  brightly lit up, upon closing the eyes, one may think that
  he sees light, but actually it is merely the light seen
  through the eyelids. Just as one closes the eyes when
  looking at the Sun, a bright red light seems to fall
  into sight. As all humans have an inborn nature, all
  will be able to see this guiding light. If one wishes to
  seek further into this, try to concentrate on the light
  that you see with every effort and try to centralize this
  light together and one day you will feel its presence.
  Q. 3 What is the difference between Taoism and Buddhism? 
  Are their approach to enlightenment the same or they 
  follow different paths?
  Ans: What is the difference between man and woman and
  between man and beast? Man and woman, though different
  in structure are both eligible to attainment. Human and
beast are only different in nature and in physical form.
  The Truth is one and so is the Path. The Homeland is meant
  for all, be it different in religion or be it different in
  man. Truth remains as one and the same. All will merge
  into one like rivers meet the sea. For a person who
  cultivates why are differences seen? All things begin from
  the heart and from it things cultivate. Fruits are fruits
  and the fact one cannot change. Different in look, color
  and taste but fruits they will still remain.
  Q. 4 Why do man realize his wrongs and yet still 
  repeat them?
  Ans: Everyday man eats and he will continue to do so
  until death. The human world is filled with temptations.
  Although a wrong is made, man may be so blinded by the
  dust that he may not be able to see. Attachment is the
main weakness of man. It may be difficult for a cultivating
  person to remedy the mistake if his feelings and desires
  for attachment grow. The wrong may be merely temptations
  that pull him away from the Path. Stillness if attained,
  may help one to see things in a better form. It may help
  man to turn back and realize the Truth.
  Q.5 Many of us understand the teaching of religions but 
  we do not practise as much as we understand. Why are we so 
  and how can we improve?
  Ans: Whether one understand or not is what one says.
  A person may understand how rice is being grown, but
  how many are able to grow it? Everyone knows for sure
  your parents give life to you, yet how many treasure
  their presence? Understanding and realizing are two
  different things. Carry out an in-depth study into
  whatever you understand. Gather all the facts that
  you know and do not just
  look at their surface. Humans are filled with pride.
Knowing a little, they claim to understand all but
  they only know the surface and not deeper than that.
  f men are to truly practise diligently, they must not
  only understand but realize what Truth really stands for.
  By practising without realizing, then things may not turn
  out to be as they wish.
  Q. 6 At all cultivating gates, why do people who truly 
  cultivate the Way still suffer from various miseries?
  Ans: Why must animals be slaughtered and why must fruits
  be plucked? Why are some kings and why are some beggars?
  Everything has its natural cause. It depends on when it
  ripen. At all cultivating gates,
  people who truly cultivate the Way too must accept
  their Cause and Effect destiny in their own way. If
  two persons, one aged fifty-nine and the other twenty
  suffer from diarrhoea, who will grow weak first? May it
  be early or late, things that have to pass will have to
pass. If being at the Pure Gate leads to misery, how then
  will famine victims feel? Bitterness before sweetness is
  the best taste that will remain.
  Q. 7 Why are there evils on earth?
  Ans: Where there is sky, there is land. Being short one
  realizes what tall means. All things must have opposites.
  Where Yang is seen, one will find Yin. With goodness, there
  is evil. By understanding well what is bad, one will keep
  away from it. With evil, the path is then complete. For
  if evil is not sighted, then one may not see the TAO.
  Q. 8 Why are there so many types of meditation and how 
  effective are they?
  Ans: Why are there so many roads? All lead to a centralized
  place. The distance and the lighting are different, but all
  will still lead to the same destination that one wishes to
  go. But one should not try too many roads at one go or one
  will lose time. Concentrate on one and be familiar with this
  very road. Then you will know all its comers and pits.
  Q. 9 How can a person know whether he has made progress in 
his meditation and can meditation be practised anywhere and 
  Ans: Meditation is the practise of stillness of the mind
  and one may try at any place. If one finds that the mind
  is less and less clouded like a cup of water, then one has
  made progress on stillness. Do not be over-anxious or too
  excited at seeing certain things, but let a calm mind
  progress with practice. As one moves on, one will see
  different stages. If in doubt, seek the necessary
  clarification. If illusion is too great, evil may get
  the better of you. Therefore stillness must first be
  achieved before practising in any other way.
  Q.lO Why into the Pure Gate, yet man walk away?
  Ans: The journey 'West' is full of hurdles. Demons
  are seen and lustful sights tempt. If one's determination
  is not strong, he will give way. The world is such that
  man is over-attached to many things. To walk into the
  Pure Gate in appearance none can ever remain. Do not seek
for personal benefit within this Gate or disappointment
  will lead you out again. Man comes and goes following the
  trend. With such a thought, who can remain? Some may truly
  wish to cultivate but the Karma is such that they must
  suffer first before they can be accepted.
  Q.11 If one knew of a destination in cultivation and missed 
  it, how could he turn back and how long will that take?                        
  Ans: A person has planted a papaya tree. The fruits it bears
  are beautiful to the eye. Although one knows very well that
  they have ripen, one forgets to pluck. As such, the fruits
  will either rot or be eaten by birds. If one wishes to have
  a taste of the fruits, one must wait for it to bear fruit
  gain. All the time wasted is due to the negligence of man.
  Having overlooked, all think that time will wait for them.
  When they see the fruits, they are over-confident that
  they will get the taste.
  Q.12 Why does a philanthropist who has built schools and 
  temples and yet still suffers?
  Ans: Offering material things depends on the thought at
  that very moment. If after committing unpardonable wrong,
  they try to perform some charities to redeem themselves,
  then indeed it is wrong. However, there are also some
  kind-hearted people who truly give their best yet suffer
  more than anybody else. To this, they must look into their
  past and the Karma that will take place. All things depend
  not only on merits done now but also on merits gained
  in the past life.
  Q.l3 During meditation, sometimes I feel some movement 
  of heat inside my body. May I know why it is so and 
  whether it is good or bad?
Ans: Meditation does not only aim at controlling the
  mind to a stillness stage. The breathing that takes place
  during meditation may control the vitality (Chi). As
  it moves along the meridian point one may feel certain
  jerking of the flesh, but when the concentration is not
  on the breathing, one may not easily feel the movement of
  the vitality.
  Creating new atmosphere for all to join in
  Hoping to see the Light
  Earnest must be the Search
  Fail not the hope that is given to man
  Along the right track one trains
  Taking this Book as your master
  Thinking not of yourself but others.
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