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Calmness in mind, practise with diligence
Hoping to achieve, stillness must be the ultimate
Erode not the Truth, make way for realization
Furthest step may only be an illusion
Aiming for the best, pride one must not possess
Taking things in their natural forms
Taking care that the nature is preserved
Stillness was mentioned in the first chapter. But to truly
attain stillness is not an easy task. However, if one were
to attain the stage of self realization, one must be a master
of stillness. To master it there are many ways. Stillness
attained by meditation is the most common one. But many may
ask what stillness is. What is meditation? What is the link
between these two?
When a person meditates, he tries to achieve tranquility.
When tranquility is achieved, the mind will be at peace.
Being peaceful to the surrounding, nothing can disturb him.
Therefore, calmness is being practised. But calmness is slightly
different from total stillness. A mind may be calm yet total
stillness is not observed. For the practising of meditation,
calmness may be the first stage. But the actual ultimate aim
of meditation is to reach the state of total stillness. Upon
reaching this stage, much realization one may see. The
realization of Truth will bring out the true self that
is well-hidden within the physical body.
Some may ask, how many ways there are in meditation.
In the most common practice, the students mainly sit
cross-legged and try to meditate. They will try to
concentrate on one object. It is even better if they can
attain a stage of objectless awareness. But when they can
attain through meditation and obtain the stage of total
stillness, then this same stillness can be observed while
sitting, standing, walking or merely lying down. For when
stillness is attained, serene will be the mind.
Thus, at all times their thinking and pureness of
mind are always in the stillness form. But, human must
not misunderstand the meaning of stillness. Stillness
does not mean that there is no action. Though inactive
in its tranquil state, yet everything can still be realized.
Some people think that meditation is merely sitting down,
trying to keep minds clear and blank. If this be true,
how then can they attain the Truth and find their true-selves?
Therefore, remember that real is unreal, unreal yet real.
Emptiness is not truly empty in its way. Though not empty,
emptiness must be observed in certain way. It is often easier
said than done and many have meditated in the wrong way. I
hope that by going through this in a simple form, you will
realize what meditation actually is.
Many people seek answers for the images and colors seen
During meditation. Some think that it is a good sign, yet
some are afraid of it. All things, whether good or evil,
begin from the heart. Understand and realize that everything
is the creation of one's own mind. When a person is sitting down,
trying to erase all problems and to attain the stage of calmness,
the mind will be the first thing that he must learn to control.
Colors are often sighted, but do not think too much of them.
Though they have their own presentations, they must not affect
one's calmness at all. When the color stage has passed, some
may think that they see Heavenly Beings or images of such.
It may be real, yet unreal. If one sees such images, do not
think that one has achieved for this could merely be a test
set by one's own self. Remember that meditation is not for you
to see Heavenly Beings nor is it a practice for power. The
so-called power is not the ultimate aim of meditation.
Many people see meditation as an art of practising power,
power of healing and power to control. If 'Power'
is sighted at all, then you may land yourself in trouble
that you know not. For when one is crazy for power and fame,
the heart that should be pure could easily be misled. Thus,
one must understand that goodness comes from the heart and
so does evil thought. Be pure and aim only for the right thing.
When one can reach the stage of no-self, yet one's true self
controls, then one may realize things as the Sages do.
To observe the rules of meditation, one must leam the
illusion of the mind, for this illusion of mind may prove
to be one's downfall. Do not allow the surrounding
environment to be one's fear. The most noisy place may
prove to be the best practising ground. If one practises in
a secluded place, one is not actually practising. For being
in a peaceful surrounding, no noise would be there to disturb
him and therefore, it is easier to attain calmness. But,
if one is in a busy place, one's mind may not be calm at all.
After saying so much about meditation, I hope that all may
Learn of its Truth. Strive on to the selfless point but do
not allow things to stand still. Meditation can be a dangerous
practice if one is not calm enough. Therefore, if one does
not know, one must ask. Ask, but try to realize the essence
that is being taught. Do not take things as they are without
thinking about them again. Let your wisdom be your judge and
allow your senses to be sensitive to all teachings. Remember
that the six senses will always be around to tempt you. When
they appear, treat them as your enemies and do not allow them
to take over and control the mind. For, a master of stillness
is always aware of temptations and is always ready to challenge
them for the benefit of the good.
SITTING cross-legged, one hopes to achieve
LIKE a block of wood with senses seen
A mind with illusion, yet power he thinks
SAGE sits in a much different way
TO attain self-realization is his aim
ATTAIN the ultimate and true-self is revealed
THE right way to master, one must observe
TRUTH is made of unseen, yet sure things
The lotus is a flower that many adore. Yet its breeding
Ground is shunned by all. The sight of it looks like dirt,
yet the beautiful lotus stands out for all. In this world,
many would complain, complain of poverty and complain of
pain. They complain when they are rich yet they do not
realize the Truth of it. They search daily yet meet the wrong
direction. Searching without any indication but they continue
to search.
Some would ask, what we are searching for and why we
are searching. When a person is born, his nature is
so pure. He seems to realize that this is not his
permanent home. As time passes, dust particles cover
his true self and because it is so well hidden, he must
search for it. But he is fighting within himself, for
evil and goodness will not mix. One part of him wishes
to unite with the formless self yet the other part wishes
to remain in, this glittering land.
Many people search in the wrong manner. They travel
thousands of mile to search for a master who can reveal
the Truth and they would search and search for a few lines
of utterances that may help them. But let me tell you, one
may travel millions of mile, get thousands of utterances
from masters and even if the right points are pointed out,
you will still not attain unless you realize the Truth and
follow up by your virtuous action and speech. Do not simply
believe in whatever people tell, for there are many types
of masters. Some believe that they are masters but phony
they may prove to be. Thus, by following such a master,
you will not be your own master and least of all to be
others' master.
Some masters might have attained certain stages and yet
are not being able to resist the temptation of silver and
gold. Their arts are merely taught to you in exchange for
cash or kind. This type of masters will not reveal all.
Therefore, you will not gain but merely think that you
have attained because your master said so.
There are masters who through diligent practice, attained
the stage of total stillness. Thereby, they are firmly rooted
and are not easily swayed. Their way of teaching is out of
compassion and therefore, they will teach you in a true manner.
By observing it, one may then attain. No matter which type of
master you have, you must still judge well. Let your wisdom
open up and allow the Truth to be realized. Everyone is capable
of attaining the various stages of Heavenly Beings. How to
achieve it depend on your true understanding.
Walking miles and miles,
to search for Heavenly Beings.
A Being that can reveal
the Truth to attainment stage.
After walking for miles,
sudden realization is seen.
Realizing that searching afar,
Truth you will not see.
Near to you a Heavenly Being is already there.
Search not too far, for the Truth is within.
Seeing places of worship everywhere
Of which plenty are not revealed
Only in terms of help obtained
Never have the right spirit seen
Yet the unknown Truth
A person should search for
Never let the holy place be misused
Getting the right spiritual attitude in.
Many people would seek everywhere. They would go
to any praying place that provides help and within a
short distance, three to four of the same kind are seen.
Questions would then be asked: who has the rightful spirit
that takes the seat? Let me tell you briefly, "all places
are alike. The only difference is the attitude of the people
who are in charge of the place. For goodness and evil come
from the same place. Let the place be pure, then all work is
pure. Let the people within have the right compassion, then
things will be alike."
I hope that worshippers go for the sake of learning
and for the sake of Truth. One should not go to the holy
place merely to seek help in kind or gold. If real
assistance is required to cure him, the thought of going
there may not be too wrong. In this present world, many
people seek chances to get gold. With this type of
attitude in going to the holy place,
one may as well do not go. A holy place should
be given due respect, even if human differences are seen
within. The respect is not for humans but for the Masters
who teach the Truth. One must learn why one goes to such a
holy place and he must know the purpose of it. Virtuous
teachings are taught in all sectors, but whether or not they
are observed, only the humans would know! Many would question
that if the holy place is not for seeking help, what then is
it for? A holy place is set up to pay respect to the various
teachers and masters. It should by right be a place where
Truth is told since the teachings come from the various teachers
and the Truth is passed down from time immemorial. It should be
a place where harmony is observed, thus, giving rise to
brotherhood. If all within the four seas are brothers, then a
harmonious place this world will be A place where virtues are
taught, virtuous deeds and not mere words must be performed.
With the right attitude of mind, help those who need help.
Encourage all to attain the perfect stage, yet one must not
be in a hurry to attain. Take things step by step, take on
the journey as courageously as one would,                             
There are also people who travel all the way to holy
places to seek not in a greedy manner but they go for
fear of GOD and not respect. They fear that if incense
and prayers are; not offered they would be punished by
losses. It may be good only in a way, for they fear too much
and thus, restrain from evil deeds. But this will not help
them to break the recycle and they may find difficulties
in obtaining the Truth.
All holy places have their uses and hold the same Truth.
Truth known by the Heavenly Ones is the same. But remember
that Truth known to human is not the same. Therefore when
one attends such places to learn, one should choose as if
choosing a master. For Truth is open to all. Reveal it to
all those who have the wisdom to understand. Truth has no
secrecy and Truth should not be hidden from human knowledge.
The compassion of the Heavenly Beings is so great, so much
so that Buddhahood is given up, unless all beings are saved.
Lectures after lectures are given in different places and
forms and with the increasing urgency, humans should
learn of timing.                               
In the human world, many questions are being put forward;
And those that should be answered are these: If Truth is
alike and if all Heavenly Beings are the same, why then
exist so many different sects? Are the few accepted
religions not enough? Talking about these five religions,
is one not enough if Truth is alike? These are the questions
that rule the man's mind and doubts exist, giving rise to
fear in man when he talks of religion.
Truth, though alike, is accepted differently by man. The
five religions came in many years apart, with the closest
being the Taoism and Confucianism. These are for the benefit
of mankind. In different places and time man sees things
in different ways. In the East, Buddhism may be well accepted,
yet in the West, Christianity holds the hearts of the people.
Since Truth is the same and Truth guides man back to their
Homeland what is the difference whether Truth is told in a
different way? There may be different ways, yet the essence
remains. If these religions can enter into man's heart in their
own way and help them back, then nothing is wrong.
The differences seen by man in this religious world are
due to the different ways of propagating the Truth. Truth
is but one, but man roams this world in huge numbers. Let
not the differences in religion be the main point of fighting
among yourselves. Be satisfied with your own and let others
have theirs. Just as a son of a family goes over and
questions another family's members on the manner taught
by their parents. Let me ask you this: do you think that
the parent of the first family have taught their son well
n manners? Through this simple example, I hope you may realize
its meaning. Live well among all, irrespective of religion,
race and color. That would be the first practice in a
man's lifetime.
The sects that come, do not curse or believe them without
thinking. If Truth is taught and its teachings are to
benefit man, then these sects merely follow the teachings
and Truth of the main religions. For all these differences
are man-made. When man cannot accept things within his own
religion or own holy place he tends to create something new.
mankind, man's new creation cannot deviate from the ancient
teachings. See and listen and benefit only from the Truth.
Believe the teachings with an understanding and remain in
calmness, even if the 'sea' is rough. Therefore, it is the
hope of the ABOVE that man do not seek blindly to believe.
Believe only with reason. Believe only the Truth and at the
same time, give it a benefit of doubt. Let your wisdom judge.
Judge well prior to acceptance or rejection. Things must be
Carefully weighed and one who has a clear mind will see the
Truth. All men come from the same root and with this root,
all are alike. Differences are seen because through time,
man has been blinded by glittering materials and saw them
as gold. The extent of blindness depends on how much
glittering dust covers the eyes. Cleanse it 'with the
Truth and your eyes will be reopened and you will then
see the Path. Seeing the Path is not good enough, walking
the journey of this Path and to reach the destination
should be your aim. By searching for the Path yet not
walking the road, the search will be a waste.
Searching for the Path, the Truth must first be found
Erase all thoughts of evil and let the Light guide
Amend the wrong deeds with virtuous acts
Result in the growth of the right fruit
Challenge the unknown that blocks your way                    
Holding the Truth, Heavenly Way you gain.