Search for Truth
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  Bringing Truth to all land
  Of which Truth is from the heart
  Dealing with people, sound conies from the heart
  Hold onto the right thoughts in mind
  In which all causes are equal in our eyes
During the Search, one must open the eyes
  Amend the wrong thoughts of the past
  Resolve all problems with an empty heart
  Making for purification, head for the right Gate
  A person will find whatever he truly seeks.
  Cease not the Search that has just begun
  Hold onto the pole with might
  Estimate not the value of this opportunity
  Failure to seek now, a chance is missed
  Along with fate, all surround this table
  Try hard but no word seems to be spoken
  Take a drop of water and may your mind begin to work.
  Ha! Ha!
  Q.1 Can Deity enlighten us what compassion is?
  Ans: Compassion is something that cannot be told but
  one may feel the urge that comes from within the heart.
  The compassionate love by the Great Merciful One, begins
  from the heart and with the thought of saving all beings.
  If one sees something by the road side, on a closer look,
  one finds a dead animal. There is a strong feeling of
  pity for its death. The feeling comes right from the heart,
  even to the extent of giving it a burial place. Man may pity
  the dead animal but has not thought of burying it. The
  compassion that we talked of is not things that are done
  to be seen by all.
  Q.2 What is the prayer for one to meditate?
  Ans: Prayers to most people are merely to steady the
  heart and to feel the protection of the ABOVE. If a
heart is pure, where will evil come from? One is his
  own protector and must not always be too dependant.
  Just like a man who is dying, if he begins to pray,
  Does that mean he will not die?
  Q.3 Why are there many images distracting one's mind 
  when one starts to meditate?
  Ans: Human, human, even without meditation, your mind
  is already obstructed by many objects. If a person can
  really be free from greed, hatred and delusion then man
  will be free. Objects do not obstruct you but your own
  illusion is doing the work.
  Q.4 Why is a child born without his or her consent other 
  than Karma?
  Ans: When one plants a seed, does he first get its
consent? Likewise the seeds are being sown for a purpose
  and one will get the harvest at a later day. Karmic forces
  are something that exists but not really accepted by man.
  However, if man thinks clearly, then he will get an answer.
  If the seeds are bad, no harvest is seen. If the seeds are
  rich, then the beauty lies before your eyes.
  Q.5 Since this human plane is a suffering sea, why does 
  the ABOVE create man and beings?
  Ans: In the olden days, well-water was commonly found
  pure and cooling was its nature. It served its purpose
  for all beings. However, if a little extra were to be added
  into it, then whoever drinks it will suffer. Man are not
  created to suffer but man has sought to turn the pure well-water
  into something else instead.
  Q.6 How to become a true vegetarian and what does one 
  gain by being a vegetarian?
  Ans; How to become a true devotee and how to become
  a true man? All things begin from the heart. If the heart
  feels that being a life vegetarian is a true vegetarian,
  then one may follow suit. If your heart feels that six
  hours a day is enough, then it is enough. But if one feels
  that six hours is not enough, then how can it be enough?
  To be vegetarian, basically the idea is to abstain from
  meat. There is a saying that if one takes eight tahils of
  meat, he has to return half a kati. If the body system
  abstains from taking meat, it may be purified to a certain
  Q.7 In a country where there is "war and famine, now do 
  the people carry out the Search without the basic needs 
  of life?
  Ans: What are the basic needs of life? These depend on
  what man seeks. If he does not have such requirement he
will not be around. As it is often said, this world is
  your own heaven and hell. The work of Cause and Effect
  can never be explained. Since you are not in that part
  of the world, be sure to treasure this little heaven of
  man. Given the chance to learn, be sure you do it.
  Since you know how lucky you are, continue the path of Search.
  Q.8 Why do people who cultivate usually become poor?
  Ans: They may be poor in wealth but their knowledge is
  abundant. One plants flower in a big plot of land. Existing
  on its own, the land may be big but not fertile. Yet if it
  is planted in a little pot of soil that is fertile, the
  flower looks better. Man as yet cannot pull himself
  from this materialistic world. A person who has a hundred
  thousand dollars may still find a day or two to serve the
  people. But a millionaire may not even have time to think
of serving the community. Poor but not without good food.
  Simple but happy. So, why change this style?
  Q.9 Why does mankind still let the dust settle on the 
  mirror knowing fully well that it will blur the image?
  Ans: Knowing, understanding and realizing, are different
  things. Only through realization will action be seen. A
  person knows that if he wants to be rich, he must work for
  it. Yet he remains still without working, though he knows
  the need for it. The satisfaction of man depends on what
  he thinks. The goal set out of realization, man may try to
  attain. Just as man knows liquor is bad but because of the
  satisfaction of it, he is not willing to give it up yet.
  They think that if time is given, they may cut out this habit.
  Q.10 Can a problem-minded person practise the Search for 
  Truth and how could he do it?
  Ans: Can a person who is sick live long? The answer is yes
and no. Yes, If he takes care of his health and seek for
  betterment and to help himself to be cured. No, if he does
  not bother to be cured or if fate means death for him. However,
  this will depend very much on oneself.
  Cooling things off, things may not be alike
  Hurry and work for the same result
  Examples set must be with actions
  Future undertaking one should know how
  A first or a last time, work must still be produced
  Take it not as human excuse
  Trying for the Path, one must work.
  Ha! Ha!