Search for Truth
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  Cleaning the mirror daily
  Having the shine great
  Even as one bathes daily
  Facts of inner self must remain
  A cleaning a day for a beginning
  Take on more as time passes by
Try hard, work hard for it instead.
  Ha! Ha!   
  Being in a land when misery prevails
  Only by extending the teachings do the sufferings end
  Drippings of blood are nothing really in comparison
  Having broken the inner heart, nothing may repair
  Into lecture after lecture, yet the eyes are not open
  Dragging your body, your mind must first work                   
After so many recycles, seek the Path now
  Remain not in this land but on the opposite Shore
  Motivate yourself to begin with and proceed on
  At the right door, one may enter.
  Q. 1 When a person is in deep meditation, will his body 
  be attacked by evil spirit?
  Ans: Whether a person is in deep meditation or not, the
  evils are always working around him. Given the chance,
  he will be pulled back, A person who can enter into a
  deep meditation, has attained stillness to a certain
  degree. The Heavenly Being dwells in a pure heart and
  anything can dwell instead in an unsteady heart.
  Q.2 Can an animal attain Nibbana?
  Ans: In Sanskrit, this is known as Nirvana. This is the
  highest stage of attainment; in Buddhism. It is the
  absolute breaking away from greed, hatred and delusion,
  stopping the Samsara altogether. All beings may attain
  this stage but they must do it step by step. An animal
  which is reborn as a man, then Nirvana may still be
  achieved. A person must also realize that all beings
  need to be saved. It only depends on the length of time taken.
  Q.3 How can one have a healthy mind to practise the Search 
for Truth?
  Ans: A jade when found is but a stone. One cuts and chisels
  it, and shapes it to its perfect form. He polishes it again
  and again until the shine is bright. Likewise, man must
  rectify the mind in the right form. Thereby, with only pure
  thought will the mind remain pure.
  Q.4 What must I do to be saved and to save others?
  Ans: In a swimming pool, people swim with pleasure. Only
  you are sitting by the pool for you do not know how to swim.
  f one day, a drowning person calls for help. In order to save
  this person and also not to be drowned at the same time,
  what do you think you must learn? Therefore, a person who
  wants to row others across the river must first know how
  to row the boat.
  Q.5 Why do Great Sages and religious leaders have to 
  undergo persecution?
  Ans: Flowers planted in a plot of land, its beauty no
  man can compare. Harmless and beautiful, yet man has never
  given them a chance to bloom to the fullest. Does that mean
  one will never plant flowers again? A person who seeks to
  search for the Truth, a little persecution for the sake of
  all is nothing at all. If the Great Sages can endure and
  have undergone all these persecutions, why can't you
  endure a little more? When one sets sail and right in
  the middle of the ocean, a big storm starts, does that
  mean he will not sail on?
  Q.6 What is fate?
Ans: When two persons meet, there must be something that
  pulls them together from the beginning. Whatever type of
  seeds one sows, the fruits will be in accordance with the
  seeds. Have faith in the right seed and fate will bring
  fourth its harvest.
  Q.7 Why do so many new-born suffer in today's world?
  Ans: Yesterday, today and in future all new-born suffer
  the very minute they come to this suffering plane. They
  come back not in the right form. They do not see the Shore
  on the other side. If one is talking about handicap, then
  the Karmic forces are in action. Have you noticed that
  humans today are worse off than their ancestors? If
  one throws a rock onto the ground, it will remain a
  rock unless it can take a new form.
  Q.8 What leads a person to a holy place, and if he 
  cultivates diligently, will be achieve enlightenment?
Ans: Without fate, everything that passes you and the
  people that you meet, will not be possible. A person
  who wishes to cultivate must try his best in the right
  way. Unless one cultivates in the right path, realizes
  and acts accordingly, one may remain the same. Everyone
  who cultivates has his equal chance of attainment.
  However, this will depend very much on one's
  ownself. Let the true nature show you the way.
  Q.9 Since we do not know what we will be after this life, 
  what is the use of being virtuous?
  Ans: Before your child is born to you, do you know his
  character, look and health? You don't know whether this
  child will be good to you or not, or whether he may be
  virtuous or not. Yet you still give life to this child
  before knowing of the above. Why then do you have
  the child? Not knowing where one may be in the next
  life does not mean that he must not act as a human should do.
Q.lO Can one recite various types of prayers?
  Ans: Recitals are acting as security to mankind. No
  matter how many types one recites, if the heart is not
  sincere, the effect will not be seen. But with a sincere
  heart, even with the mere recital of the Holiness's name,
  the effect may still be great for everything is the work
  of the heart.
  Q.11 Are poverty and suffering the tests by the ABOVE for 
  human being?
  Ans: Poverty and suffering are the punishment of man's
  own act. From the types of seed sown, the same type of
  fruits one will get. Being on this plane, even with misery
  and poverty, if one can go through this, one may still attain.
  However, if due to poverty and misery one does not return,
  when will one get this chance to attain? No doubt
  the world is a suffering place yet the Heavenly Beings
  seek to return in order to guide you back. What more should
  man ask for?
Q.I2 Why do people often say that the good die young?
  Ans: The saying of man remains as saying. However, some
  truth of it will remain. Every different rebirth comes
  from Cause and Effect. Some people in their previous life
  have cultivated the Path, attaining the stage but cannot
  truly obtain. For all deeds done, repayment must be seen
  in one form or another. Thus, they take on the recycle
  for a short period and return to attain.
  Claiming ignorance when ignorance is not seen
  Hoping to judge to one's own extent
  Erase thoughts of impurities, but search in the right Path.
  Failure to see points for points; man judges
  A slight endurance in order to see; one cannot perform
  Trying to see eye to eye; this may not do
  Take the impurities back and bury all deeply.