Search for Truth
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  Conning home we await the sight
  Home seems far but near to die eyes
  Entering with a right mind one finds
  Future preparation, today one must do
  A dream-like picture appears
  Taking a look, gone one finds
Trying to seek its return, work to find
  Bringing it out of the dream
  Only realization will help
  Deafening is the call
  Hanging on persistently for your ears
  In the aim to find the Truth
  Deeper into the knowledge, one must explore
  A person who searches wisely
  Remains satisfied in the continuous learning
  Making ways to improve; look deeper into things
  At the right point, gaining the Light that guides
  Tracing the origin of Truth, nothing one can find in
sight. A heartfelt that is so strong, one will strive
  on persistently. Perceiving Truth individually and
  individual explanation all will find. Truth is revealed
  in many angles. Perceiving it right, one may see it at
  any angle. Work as one perceives today, for tomorrow
  another angle one may find.
  Q.1 Is sin a reality or an attitude of the mind?
  Ans: Sin begins the very moment when one is born. In
  reality it is the act brought forward from the Karmic
  forces. In one way or another, this may not be well
  accepted by many. It is merely the opposite of goodness.
  People tend not to take it too seriously. For a man
  who cultivates, it is best to understand it, but do not
  over-emphasize it.
  Q.2 What shall one do to carry on the Search of Truth 
in a holy place?
  Ans: A holy place remains in the heart of man. If one
  can cultivate the mind, one will be able to cultivate
  the thought. Actions follow thoughts that are cultivated.
  People often talk about the search and the teachings and
  ask for the Way. Deep in their conscience, they know what
  is wrong or right. Yet they refuse to take heed. Instead
  they seek again and again. Remember, a holy place may
  stand as a symbol in human eyes only. Holy places are
  where Heavenly Beings dwell and if a person's heart is
  pure, it too will be a holy place.
  Q.3 How can handicapped persons search for Truth, especially 
  if they are deaf, dumb and blind and how can one help?
  Ans: People may be deaf and dumb or unable to see. Their
  senses may have died but their hearts have not. Compassionate
  is the ABOVE to all man. Follow the love and kindness of
  the ABOVE and extend this love to them and with deep
  appreciation, they will understand the call for it.
  Q.4 What is morality? Is morality enough to fulfill the 
  Search for Truth?
  Ans: Morality is the code of ethics. This code acts as a
  guide to man. It helps to make man to realize what is right
  and wrong. The practice of it, is just one part of the search.
  Before one searches, he must follow the code. After finding
  he Truth, he will know which way to go.
  Q.5 For a person in the process of search, will his Karma 
  affect his search?
  Ans: Success in anything depends on the determination
  and work put in. The purpose of seeking attainment is to
  stop the recycle. If one is truly determined, one will reap
  the fruits as the seeds sown.
  Calmly one walks on the Path
  Holding the Truth, nothing hurts
  Ensure the right way.
  Facts must be searched deeply
  A person will realize more
  Thankful to be on this plane
  Take on the task and walk Home.