Search for Truth
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  Coming up with a chapter a day
  Hoping all will gain
  Examples given, in-depth studies of if
  Fooling not with one's own imagination
  A set of rules is dead material
  Taking on the task; the heart be one
  Trying to control things, but first control the mind.
  Bringing facts to meet you
  Only to find walls in between
  Dealing with factual things
  Hope not to see, showing like a picture
  In Truth only the heart will feel
  Drag yourself to begin now
  At the basic, do not feel ashamed
  Remain steady in your search
  Moulding the path to its perfect shape
  Amend the mistakes but do not point at others.
  Q.1 Why does an evil person enjoy the fruits of his 
  treachery and the good often suffers for his honesty 
and integrity?
  Ans: When seeds are sown fruits will be seen. Whether
  harvest time is early or late, the fruits, one will still
  see. For a person who wishes to cultivate, hardship is
  merely something that helps to mould him. He is not too
  concerned about materialistic things. Some people have very
  smart children some have naughty children and some have
  retarded children, man often ask, "why?" instead of
  seeking the Path, man spends too much time thinking
  unnecessary things.
  Q.2 What will be the outcome for a person who has done 
  wrong but at the same time he performs good deeds? Will 
  his good deeds off-set his bad Karma?
  Ans: In life, who has not done wrong? Everyone hopes to
  off-set all wrongs with good deeds. No doubt there is some
truth in it, but for all doings, man must answer for them.
  By performing the good deeds with a motive of balancing
  the wrongs, then the merits will be minimum. A person who
  does good in the morning and by noon he forgets without a
  motive then the merits are different.
  Q.3 Can attainment be reached through the cultivation of 
  the heart and not the mouth?
  Ans: Cultivation of the mouth is by speaking less and
  only of righteous words. Holding back what one wishes to
  talk will minimize a lot of human problems. If the
  cultivation of mouth alone will lead to Pureland, then
  all the dumb will be there first. No doubt to some
  extent, this virtue must be practised but the cultivation
of the heart is more important. One does not talk malicious
  words because the heart does not have such words and the
  thoughts do not have evil. By cultivating the heart, the
  mouth will naturally be cultivated.
  Q.4 What is 'Shyuan Guan' and is it necessary for
  Ans: A well-guarded place needs to be opened up. A place
  where the Truth will enter in order that man will realize.
  A point not open up for the naked eyes, one may not see it,
  yet feels it as the heart. Do its part, man will know where
  it lies. A person who is in the Search begins with the
  first step. CULTIVATING in the proper progress, one will
  learn this point.
People seek a point
  Onto places to search
  In the hand of the Master
  Netting in results of the mysterious point,
  Taking the heed, the Light will guide.
  Bring forth all ways to cultivate
  Only one path is needed
  Dig out the right part
  Hold onto it without fail
  Into the pit one jumps out
  Darkness they no longer see
  A new stage thus begins
  Recognize the Path and do not go astray
Make ways for rectification; begin now to undertake
  A lifetime is not too long after all.
  Ha! Ha!
  Creating some differences, Truth is still told
  Hoping to catch its meaning
  Erase all impure thoughts
  Faster one reaches the opposite Shore
  A new beginning awaits at the point
  Tackling all things, use a calm mind
  Tracks are laid, take note of them.
  Ha! Ha!