Search for Truth
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  Coming to an end to this Book
  Hoping that it is not the end of your Search
  Even as words are not spoken
  Future search, all must continue with diligence
  A person who sets a goal will eventually gain
  Taking the Search step by step
  Try not to go through all at once.
  Ha! Ha!
  Although much was told, how much one knows, we do
  not know. Hoping that a guide all will find. See deeper
  into the meaning. One may understand more. Do not wonder
  too much about how much one has gained, but rather keep
  a good pace and continue to seek. Seeking for attainment,
  people may wonder what attainment actually is. Concentrate
  on the cultivation of the heart and mind for this would be
  the initial step. Once the heart and mind are cultivated,
  one may realize more as time passes by. Do not let greed,
  hatred and illusion poison the heart. Worldly attachment
  is the next thing to keep away. Simple life it may be, but
  if well cultivated, one will feel the heart lighter and
  much happier too.
  People who have a chance to read this would most likely
be at a pure gate. Whichever gate one may be at, work
  towards the same goal for all. Do not be biased about any
  centre but look and search deeply into its truth. Nor should
  one criticize each other. Take out all the essence and
  combine them well. Thereby, the knowledge will be widened
  and the wisdom will be opened too. In the cultivation of
  the Path, do not worry about who is in front or behind,
  but just proceed on in its natural way.
  Keeping on, rowing all across to Pureland
  Using all methods taught in daily teaching
  A seeker will find when sincerity is seen
  Noting the miraculous power, all may believe
  Yet how often would it be shown to man
  In the course of the journey, man must walk courageously
  Never turn back even if the road is rough.
  Call to all beings within the four-seas. In many ways we
  have tried to pass on the Truth. Man is unwilling to search
  for the Truth that he does not realize. Since all are told
  for your own benefit, turn back to the Shore. Do not remain
  in the suffering sea for too long or you will forget
  your own identity. A person who cultivates should aim at
  finding his true-self. For if he does not do it himself;
  no one will do it for him. The Way may be pointed out but
  the performance is up to you. Do not think that it is a
  suffering to cultivate. Once you have received the attainment,
  blissful will be the Land. A little suffering for the benefit
  of the future, is it not a good thing? Instead of wandering
  in one Samsara after another, stop it altogether and you will
  find that suffering state you are not in. Wanting to cultivate
  and cultivating are not the same. Your actions must follow the
  thoughts. Instead of saying that you wish to go there, walk
  on to the destination.
Purify the thought, rectify yourself and learn to practise
  the Truth. Truth that is so often talked about, many asked,
  'what is Truth?' Truth is fact unchanged with time.
  Everything may diminish but fact will remain. This is the
  Truth that one must seek. To control action and speech,
  one must first control the thought. In controlling the
  thought, the mind must first be controlled. In order to
  control the mind, first purify the heart. When the heart
  is pure, this will be the system that controls all.
  A lot of things may be taught but the heart one must first
  With daily prayers and recitals, one calls on Heavenly
  Beings. One who recites with a pure heart will gain.
  Seek not benefits from the prayers made but seek only
  guidance and teaching that will lead. Do not worry about
when you will get rich but rather worry about when
  you will reach the stage of total peacefulness and attain
  the state of Heavenly Being. To guide all, one must first
  guide himself. Without even knowing which direction to go,
  how can one lead on?
  See not the inner message                                       
  Only the appearance one looks                                   
  Owing to such an attitude
  Never will one find the Truth
  Yet at the right stage if one sees
  A dot of light is better than gold
  Neglect not the Search of Truth
  Gaining the entrance depends on realization
  The people of today hardly have patience for anything.
  In reading, they just glance through. In watching, they
  fall asleep. In listening, they think of worries. In such
cases, how can one see deeply into the Truth? When one
  talks about the Truth, one may learn in the daily
  affairs. Words after words may have been written and
  published but if one does not realize the meaning of the
  messages, they will remain as paper only. However, as one
  reads or learns, he must pick up the main point and from
  there think for a while. Keeping the mind calm, the
  in-depth Truth one may find.
  One searches for and seeks places to learn and masters
  to teach. If one realizes the Truth, he will be his own
  master. Do not depend on others to show but seek it for
  yourself. The aim must be pure and the attitude of mind
  must be right. Do not stain the pure light but wipe off
  the dust daily and let the light shine.
  PAI YUEN (White Clouds)
Precious is the Way for all
  At no cost can one buy
  Impress on your mind the Truth
  Teaching Youngster, all must do
  Teachings, Use in die right way
  Individual Entitlement on merits gained
  Work Nobly for the light to shine through.
  The Way, if cultivated from young may be better.
  Seeing things in the right manner Truth may be learned.
  Letting knowledge pass through, one will have a clearer
  picture. However, one must not force it to be practised.
  Teach in a gentle way and all will gain. Noting that some
  teachings may be in-depth but if explained in the right
  way, clearly they will show. Virtues should be taught
  from childhood. Guide them properly as all masters do.
  As one guides each other across, the Pureland is filled
  with harmonious sound. While the crying in the suffering
  sea grows less and less, may all of you find this Book as
  a guidance and row yourself across this sea.