Search for Truth
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  A laugh and a sigh,
  Different to the ears.
  Smiling and crying faces,
  Different in the eyes.
  A world filled with miseries,
  But laughter it contains.
  By Truth, all things have opposite facets.
  Coming up with the Truth for all
Holding onto the opposite, evil attacks the mind
  End this illusion and turn back-
  Fast as the wind may carry
  Attendance marks in the right land
  Time to purify and begin work
  Take it up at this very minute and begin.
  One may find that things are sometimes hard to believe.
  For since the ABOVE is so great, why not make a Buddha out
  of man? All men are Buddhas and they have the seed, but the
  seed has not taken root and that is why men are not Buddhas.
  If one wishes the seed to take root, work hard at it.
  Cultivate the right seed. From teaching to teaching, all
are the same. Concentrate on the one you know best. Knowing
  where the seed is, plant it in the right soil. Look after it
  well and let it bloom. Bloom into something that man will
  not believe.
  Living in a world of illusion
  Entering into a stage of blankness
  Ending in the loss of identity
  Search and seek its return
  Island of refuge you must be
  Only by being your own island
  Wander no more in search of it
  Yesterday the root has taken place
  Use the right method to cultivate
  Ensure that all will gain together
  Never leave one behind to suffer
  Change the attitude of mind, tune it right
  Using all possibilities, begin the Search
  Learning from someone to begin with
  Take on the task as one realizes
  Into the realization stage, one will see
Victory for the man who conquers himself
  Attain with the Search and realize
  Towards the goal for all beings
  Ideas of cultivation must begin
  Open up the Path with landmark to guide
  Netting all in, together one survives
  Omit the past deeds for right
  Future fruits depend on the seeds
  Hold onto purity and seek
Erase all human problems
  Amending each other's wrongs
  Result in the cultivation of the heart
  Take up the Search and a new life is seen.
  Being able to spread the essence
  Only through speeches made
  Dealing with people, I use the 'heart-speech'
  Hoping all to gain, I simplify it
Ideas spread from one to another
  Do it, why not you
  Action and speech combine as one
  Remain in the same frequency as the heart
  Make the right move; all should start
  Attend to it now, take on the task.
  Create the right atmosphere to begin with
  Use the right speech to teach
  Learn not from books but from realization
  Then begin teaching without any note
In this stage of attainment
  Vices you will overcome
  Arise then and continue your search
  Try for the opposite Shore too
  In the work, calmness one will feel
  Open up all doors for man
  Never will one fall back again.
  Ha! Ha!
  BEGIN from the lower step
  NOW is the time for all
  TO do or not to do
  CULTIVATION is up to you.
  Ha! Ha!