Search for Truth
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Controlling the inner voice that speaks only the Truth
Holding onto a clear reception, the sound will be loud
Entrusting with the Heavenly work
Future transmission depends upon you
At the station that transmits to all sectors
Take on the task with a clear frequency
Tendering the transmitting line with care
In this present society, many worship in the wrong way.
Although people go with a half-hearted spirit, they
still seek to get the words of the ABOVE. Half believing
and half unsure, they seek on with many questions left
unanswered in their minds. The most common thing is
the supernatural power that seems to possess certain
people who serve the ABOVE. The questions of trance
and other forms of communication with the ABOVE have
been raised. They seem real yet if man were to think deeper,
they do not seem reasonable in certain event. What then
is trance and its actual purpose? What is the difference
between a man in trance and a person who acts as a divine
writer for the ABOVE?
In order to know the purpose of transmitting the message
to everyone, one must realize that the ABOVE is full of
compassion and the love for beings is so great. At this
moment man is living in a world of illusions. The ruin
of fire and flood will soon diminish mankind if he does
not seek a way out. There are certain people who have gained
meritorious fruit and have through their previous lives,
gained a clear transmission with the ABOVE. When their
frequencies are right they will be able to receive and
perceive the message from the ABOVE. One thing that they
must possess before they can really get permission to use
this frequency to receive is mere sincerity. For, perception
from the ABOVE comes with a pure and sincere heart. The ABOVE,
being so merciful, makes use of man's perception to pass on
the message to everyone. The aim of this is to help everyone
to row his own boat across the suffering sea and to be saved
from the burning land.                  
Let us talk about people in trance and people who
are in any way able to perceive the message of the
ABOVE. Those who are in trance are normally in a semi
unconscious state of mind. Due to their sincerity and
faith, they are able to perceive the right frequency to
get the message. Being a messenger chosen by the ABOVE,
he must practise with diligence and always be sure that
there is no disturbance in the transmission. If he  
continues to work and practise for the sake of mankind,
he may even reach a stage of total consciousness while
in trance. This is the stage when the mind must be in
total stillness in order to perceive the right message.
The mind and spirit must be combined as one in order to
perform deeds that are beneficial to mankind.
Carrying along boxes of jewels and gold
Hoping to take them all along
Ending in the bridge of sigh
Further jewels, you see no more
A person comes and goes in one origin
Taking nothing along but the merits alone
Tempt not to get things that are not yours.
Claiming that wonders obtained through prayers alone
Holding onto false hope created by man alone
Onto the journey that gives life, work one must do
Only by meritorious actions will merits be gained
Never hope to get to the ABOVE by merely calling alone
Failure to plant good seeds, failure of harvest too
Opting for beneficial way, begin your journey Home
Never call when the time arises
Giving off the best with actions seen
In today's trend, it seems that many call upon the
name of Heavenly Beings, hoping to get protection
and to gain. Many times they will recite the prayers
truly and with a sincere heart. By being sincere, your
heart-felt calls may be answered but if no supportive
action follows your recital, then the effect will be
different. I am sure that you have never heard of such
a thing as calling the plants to grow and they will
grow. If man wishes the plants to grow, then he must
take care of them. If he puts efforts and hard work into
the job, the plants may grow.
Learn not to be deceived nor be a deceiver. Learn only
the Truth and tell only the Truth. Cultivate the Way as
one cut and chisels. All precious stones before being
polished, have rough surfaces too. Having been cut,
chiseled and polished with diligence, the stones will
sparkle when its original form is seen. Just like working
on a stone, man must work to get into his deeper self for
only the inner self is true. Do not allow the imitation to
fool you as your true-self. True-self is pure and it
should not be stained. Stain it and one may not recover
it at all.           
Concentrate on searching for the true-self
Hurriedly as one takes on the Path
Owing to the various states of mind
Onto different stages, man may find
Never worry about how far up when one goes
Failure to arrive at the destination
Only then you realize that near or far do not matter
Narrowly one may escape the recycle of life
Gaining the chance, permit no hurdle to stop you.
Man who is cultivating the Way, sometimes worries
too much. He worries about how far behind and how
much longer it takes to arrive. Why must man worry
too much? When one has worries, his mind is not at
rest, nor will he have a, peaceful mind that will
allow him to concentrate fully on the cultivation.
When one is behind, do not worry about it but keep
up with the pace that equals to his own realization.
When one feels that he has attained certain stages,
do not be too proud of the minor results. For better
or worse, one will not gain unless the ultimate goal
is achieved. Concentrate on the Search and let the Truth
guide you. Although you allow the Truth to guide you,
you must not seek a truth that has form. Truth is formless
and one gains a full understanding through self-cultivation
and realization of all things. One may feel that if he does
not take a look at How far he has achieved, then he may
never reach his aim. A person must learn to cultivate daily
and to check upon his actions. Improve on what is right and
slowly take off the bad roots. In this world of illusions,
man is often blinded by money and fame. But when these are
obtained, only the physical form is gained. Man strives daily
to upkeep the needs of this so-called 'body'. He nourishes
the body with food to upkeep his strength. Has it ever
occurred to him that his inner self needs nourishment as well?
Since the inner self may not show itself, what then is the
nourishment for? In physical form, nourishment is food that
can be seen. In nourishing something that is formless, then
the nourishment is formless. Let the knowledge be the food to
the wisdom and the spiritual knowledge be the nourishment to the
inner self. Bring out the self that is formless and all things
will then appear as void. When one attains the stage of total
voidness, then there will be neither you nor I and therefore,
all illusions will be gone.
Continuing to search, the wisdom must be opened
Humanity being practised, virtues will be sighted
Erect the virtuous tower, only virtues are within
Future actions must be bf virtuous deeds
Attempt not to fall prey again
Take note of your journey
Take note of all pits.
In order for one to practise, one must practise
with diligence and determination to gain. Humanity
is what the world lack of today. If all men practise
the cultivation in the right way, then you will not
see so much fighting over minor things. Life is so
precious, yet people take it away as they slaughter
an animal. Who has the right to take life of other beings?
Life by right should be the most precious thing, for
without life, what is the good of possessing all the
kingdom? Do not take life as a simple thing, but live
in a simple way. Lead it with virtues and build your own
tower. Tower that is formless, nothing can break it.
Although virtues in words look simple but to practise,
a person must first cultivate an insight. Open the
'third eye' to see the actual world. If the 'third eye'
is not blessed, then the illusions will take over the
physical eye. Only an eye that cannot be seen will see
formless things in actuality. Thus, illusion though blind
the eye, the 'third eye' will still see. Although this
may seem like a fairy tale yet if one realizes, he will
still see the meaning
Take on the task and begin your foundation for this
invisible tower to take place. As one cultivates, the
journey may be hard and full of temptations. The only way
to get through is to combine your mind with your spirit.
When the mind and spirit are as one, you will realize
the stage of emptiness. Upon this realization, nothing
in form will really matter anymore. Therefore, one will
go through the test of evil. Man who is cultivating the
Path must remember that as the ABOVE's strength is seen
in one's heart, the strength of the evil is three-fold.
On meeting with such occasion, man's mind must remain calm.
If one can attain the stage of total stillness, then evil
will do no harm. When a heart is pure, nothing from outside
can stain it. If it is stained, then it is man who allows it
to be so.
The teachings of all masters are the same. If man can accept
Them as equal, then much will one gain. Man must learn not
to be over-stubborn in certain things. Lean not to be too
attached to the worldly things.
When objects are gone, nothingness will take over their
places. Since all are but nothing, do not let attachment
take place. If one is too attached, then images will
always be around. The mind must be cultivated to an
extent whereby although nothing seems to exist, it exists.
If one can reach this stage, emptiness will be his thought,
and nothing cannot be realized. When one can observe
stillness, then at this stage one will live to see.
If one cannot cultivate simple calmness and stillness then
how can emptiness be attained?
Clear in vision yet formless it is
Hold not to images, emptiness will take place
Erode the illusions away from the mind
Future dust must not lay within
Attempt to clean up daily
Taking all things as a mirror
Then it will not leave images behind.