Search for Truth
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Calmly as one walks the Way alone
Hope not to depend on others to teach
Expect not others to walk on your behalf
For as long as one is pure
Along the jungle track, one fears not
Taking the Path that is open for all
Taking the walk, much care you must perform.
Many people, do not know what TAO is and seek to
find its form and shape. TAO' merely denotes the Path,
the Way, the Teaching and is mainly known to all as
the Heavenly Path. When talking of things in Heaven,
it is Heavenly TAO (Way). On earth it is earthly TAO
and in people, it is the human TAO. Since TAO is merely
a Path, humans must learn to aim to follow whichever
way they seek. Since Heavenly things are not easily
understood and accepted, man should not think too deeply
of them yet. Earthly TAO has its many wonders and mysteries
which man has yet to solve. Since a human has a TAO of his
own, why not begin from it first? If one does not know the
basic human way, how then can a human expect to know things
that are from ABOVE? Take step by step learn from the basic,
follow with intermediate and later advance. Expand the
knowledge and use the wisdom to gain.
Although many Sages have attained and found the Path and
may have walked the journey, they cannot walk for you. A
person must learn not to be too dependent on others,
especially so in the cultivation of TAO. The Great Way
is beyond the understanding of the uncultivated. Thus,
to seek, one must search and to search, one must perform.
Do not wait for others to find out for you.
There are some people who do not know the actual way to
cultivate. With sincerity they may still pursue to the
Land of Joy. A person with a sincere thought, will have
pure actions. When the actions are done
out of sincerity, he would have found the Path
without searching. By the word sincerity alone,
plenty can be achieved. The root of all begins
from the mind. Therefore, when sincerity is seen,
loyalty is very much at hand. Think not too much
of oneself but consider others as well. Be
compassionate to others as you learn of the Truth.
The beautiful colors that appear in front of your
eyes, may be thought as certain illusions yet, what
seems unreal is real. The pool of cleansing awaits
all of you. Cleanse the thought of all evil things.
Cleanse your body off the dust that stains and cleanse
all parts that are stained. The inner thought must be
thoroughly-cleansed. The Heavenly Gate awaits your visit.
With the clarity in sight, do not mistake it for
something else. Let the body be taken over and you
may rise light on clouds to see.
In the eyes of all humans, they know not where Heaven
and Hell lie. They see things only with the naked eye.
Is Heaven full of beautiful things? Is it high up? Is
it a place where all Deities dwell? How can we go up?
Ceasing from wrong and turn to right
Holding a body yet none one finds
Erase in all work that put on weight
Faster and lighter as one ascends to Heaven
Arriving at its Gate, one wonders at the guard
Taking the divinity, Fiery Eyes look through all
Taking only the weightless into Heaven
Heaven actually is a place that man can only imagine.
Take your present plane as Heaven and it will truly
turn out to be one. Heaven can be right in front for
those who have attained the sight of the true self.
They will find the necessary emptiness that can turn
Hell into Heaven for them. Yet the Heavenly TAO is what
man must truly set his aim.
The world may end up as a fairy land to all.
The only thing that they must upkeep is the precept.
Follow it diligently. Turn bad to good and one may see
the Heavenly Gate. Fairy tale it may seem but it can be
turned from imagination to real. Observe the Truth and
work towards the goal. One may see the Garden of Joy.
Coming from all directions
Hoping to enter in
Expecting it to be an easy thing
Taking a look at their passes                                     
Examine it in a proper way                                      
Into the Gate if things are proper                                
Never will the heavy weight get half-way
Taking down by the dust particles
A look at the Heavenly entrance, one will not see
In the seeking of the Path
Seek the Truth and nothing less
Into the Garden of Joy, one will get
Never go to the Gate of Hades
Gaining merits, one will lose one's weight.
The door of the ABOVE welcomes all, yet few enter in.
The way to the Gate of Hades is dark and narrow yet many
found their way in. When there is a right road well-illuminated,
why prefer the darkness instead? When man is lost, the Merciful
One is ever ready to help. The compassionate love is so great
yet man cannot see the Light. When the answer man know not,
it is told again and again. Towards the Light one must walk.
Though the brilliance of it may hurt your naked eyes, yet as
one gets closer, lighter at heart one will feel. Join in the
Search and row your own boat back across to where the Land of
Paradise is seen.
As one pursues the Search, one may find confusion that
Blinds his eyes. Therefore, man must always be calm like
the spring water always in its clear state. Man always
feels that it is difficult to control the six senses that
are ever ready to tempt. Some even feel that it may be
better to lose one or two of them. But let me tell you this:
when one wishes to capture the bandits he must first learn
where their den lies. Next, find out their master-mind who
controls all. Upon capturing the master-mind, the bandits
will fall, for without a leader, nothing will move well.
Just as what the above shows, in order to control the six
senses, one must learn to find out the root of all
temptations. Since all senses are controlled by the mind,
one must first control it. To control the mind is a mere
saying but the actual thing that man should do is to
take control over it. Therefore, stillness in its total
form will control the mind well and by total stillness,
man will learn to control the senses.