Search for Truth
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KUAN YIN (Goddess of Mercy)
Keep not the worldly desire inside
Use only the right method to find
Among all jewels, none will shine bright
Neither will the Light be shown to an unclear mind
Yonder may lie the Gate of Hades
Into this stage, one must not fall in
Nothing is worth more than illumination from the ABOVE.
Hades, oh Hades! Even if the Gate is closed man still
plunges in. The Gate may be narrow yet man walks
through it. Man moves from a suffering plane to yet
another but why must man still fall in? Man was
warned of the pit and told of its environment, but
those who do not realize this will still walk on this
dark road alone. Find the dust particles that weigh you
down. Cleanse yourself of it in the best way and you may
feel weightless. People may ask where hell really is.
Since they cannot see it, they mistake it as a myth.
Look around while you are in this human plane. Hell is
actually all around you. Suffering in one way or another,
the worst is self-made. Unless man finds the Path that
returns upwards he will remain as he is. Although the Path
may not be a ready thing, yet by seeking with diligence,
one will find all sorts of power that man seeks for his
own use. Do not forget that power obtained from above is
not for permanent use. The best power that can carry man
across the suffering land still lies within him. That is
the 'heart power' that controls all actions of man. With
sincerity in the Search, the heartfelt feeling is not only
felt by man but by the ABOVE as well. When one talks of
'heart power', it seems as if it is so unreal. The heart
that I am talking now is not the organ within man. The heart
that is formless is the true-self. The power created by it
is so strong that nothing can ever break through. Such power
is not written in books nor is it found in any other form.
It is invisible and yet powerful enough to take control
of all things. Dig out this formless heart and the power
lies within.
Much has been spoken on how to find the Path but bear
in mind that upon finding the Path one must truly walk
on it. Destination may have been given and the direction
shown, yet if that remains blur to man, then what is the
use of showing all? The compassionate love and merciful
way are shown by the ABOVE to all beings. Do not misuse
such compassion shown but give thanks with every action
proven only for good. The compassion though it cannot be
seen, will be felt strongly by one who realizes it. As
such compassion is given equally to all, man must realize
that all beings have the right to live. Anything that has
life can sometimes prove to be better than man. Since man
has the highest intelligence among all beings, he must set
his goal right and prove to be better than others. If not,
he is wasting his return in a human form.
Man prays in many ways. He sets up altars that are
magnificent to the eyes. Fresh fruits and flowers are
offered as offerings of respect and incense burnt twenty-four
hours a day but if all these are for show, then they will go
into waste. What the ABOVE seeks is the sincerity of the heart.
Even without any image of the Heavenly Beings it is not wrong
for Buddha dwells in the heart that has His name. Think not
of images for all are formless. Do not be too serious over
prayer things. What is most important still lies within man.
Remember, anything that can be seen is only an object and all
objects are merely illusions. Truth has no form nor is it an
object, yet it receives Universal acceptance. Therefore, not
all visible things are in their real forms. Humans have shapes
and forms, yet they do not project the true-self, for it is
within and hidden in man.
Merits and demerits are given in accordance with actions
Seen throughout. Each pure action is like planting good
seeds. Therefore, the harvest will be good and the more
good seeds sown, the more good fruits one will obtain.
Any action has a reaction. So, take care that the
reaction is beneficial to man.
Keeping your eyes open
Using it to clarify things
Actions of goodness not to be forgotten
Never let rotten seeds be planted again
Yesterday is but the past
In it, the future will take shape
Narrowly escaped you all might have gone through
MERCIFUL is the ABOVE in all teachings taught
ONE help after another, do not let chances slip.