Search for Truth
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Coming into the Pure Gate
Hoping to be a disciple
Erasing all thoughts of impurity
Future action depends on thee
A gate that allows your existence
Take heed that one does not deceive
Tempting to learn from the Master
Teachings must be observed in all ways
Attempt to purify the impurity
Only have a purpose as a student
Changing the manner of present life-style
Helping to propagate as all disciples should
Encourage all to take up the task.
In your surroundings there are many religious places
where there is truth that you should gain. People from
all walks of life, walk into different centers hoping
to learn. They take up the status as disciple and
try to act as one. What actually is a disciple? What
is his task? These questions, man may never ask themselves.
By entering the holy place they hold onto name with pride.
Being a disciple in a holy place does not mean that one
will truly gain. Man will then ask, if they do not gain
as a disciple, who will instead?
Let me explain in the most simple way. Everyone upon
Initiation can claim to be a disciple. But is he really
one? Only his actions will tell. A person who merely holds
onto the name without practising the teachings is only a
disciple in name. A true disciple will uphold the Truth
and the teachings of the Master with faith. However, when
doubt arises, he must seek clarification. Uphold the
teachings not merely in words but with every action which
must be in accordance with the teachings.
However, humans are still human and surely they are
fallible. Since wrong is seen, remedy one must seek.
Although one may not have attained the stage of holiness,
he must still try his best to uphold it. If the word 'try'
does not even appear in the mind, then how can man see
improvement? Although in many holy places, there are rules
and precepts to follow, yet man has never followed them fully.
So, 'try' is the only thing that WE ask from you.
The duty may seem heavy to the disciples but upon attainment,
they will prove its worthiness. To follow the rules is only
one of the duties. Man must try to learn the essence of the
teachings. Truly understand the words that are spoken and
their meanings within. Increase your knowledge of all things
and try to realize the truth in them. Man upon total realization,
will be able to undertake the task to lead. Lead on with a
pure heart and combine the actions of virtues with it.
Propagate in the right manner the teachings taught to you.
Learn to have a more compassionate heart and work among all
as one big family. Although the centre of teachings may be
different, the Truth is the same. If each can work within
his own boundary, then all will be in harmony.
The purpose of the various places that teach the Truth
is to teach the Truth to man, but not to increase fighting
among themselves for fame. Learn to accept one another and
live with compassion as the Heavenly Beings. All things when
pass on, one will not find their return again.
Cherish the holy places in their own way
Holding onto the true name as disciple
Entering into deep voidness
Fantasy one will not have insight
Assuring of self respect, be pure
Take on the task without any blame
Thank God instead that it was you.