Search for Truth
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Keeping the growth in perfection
Use the right method to perform
Any grass may grow in the same land
Never worry about its existence
Yet worry about your own self
In the Search of the Truth
Never let anything be your set-back
THE stages of Truth realized
MERCIFUL, it depends on yourself
ONE finds, others may not even see
Imagine yourself as a tree in the deep jungle,
fighting for survival, trying to climb. Climb not
for height but to reach the sunlight, for without it
the chances of survival are minimum. Try to imagine
the sight of one tree trying to grow taller than another.
Even a tree seeks survival seeks to reach warmth and
seeks to see the Sun, why not man realize from it? Man
at the moment is merely like a small tree in the deep
jungle, without seeing sunlight, without getting the
warmth and without any sense of fighting for this own
survival. If man remains in the deep, only darkness he
will find and only cold will cut into his flesh.
Begin now as the small tree. Try to out-grow the rest
and see the sunlight again. Do not just remain in the
dark because others do not wish to get out of it. Be
firm and grow and do not talk until you reach the
ultimate aim.
Animals run wild and kill one another to survive.
Yet when the night creeps in, they will still know how
to go back to their homes. The instinct of animals may
be wild but they still know how to protect their young.
They may not be able to compare with man in term of
intelligence, yet they understand the importance of
unity. How then should man learn from these animals?
All beings beside man found on this plane have
their own goodness. Although low in wisdom, their
actions are even better than the wise. Though wild
in their senses yet plenty of virtues may be seen.
Learn from the examples of other beings. Do not think
that their existence has no meaning. The unity of ants,
man may not even be able to compare with. The filial
piety of goats or birds, man may not have even reach
their standard. If man is given the inborn wisdom and
the intelligence to seek, is it not a shame that his
performance does not equal to the other beings?
Seek now to find the Truth. Open up the wisdom and
increase in the performances of righteousness. Learn
from others the essence and forget the bad examples.
Take up the task to seek your own root. Seek the truth
of your existence. Seek to find the inborn nature of
goodness and do not forget to seek the Path. Cultivate
in the right way and let the Light shine on. Bear in mind
that cultivation is not an easy thing, yet persist in the
Search and one will gain. Find the true-self and be born
again, with only purity that leads with virtuous deeds as
your boat and the Truth as your oars. Then begin your row
back to the golden Shore again. As one rows on, do not
be disturbed by the tempters. Do not look back but pursue
on to Heaven. Let the Light guide the way and do not allow
the Light be diminished again. A Light so bright, follow it
but do not get blinded. One will be blinded when a
satisfaction is seen too early. Until one finds the golden
Shore, remember not to look back or the worldly lusts will
once again capture you back. Sharks may roam the ocean, but
calmly one may go through. For when the stage of stillness
is attained, all things will be unreal again. Thus, one will
not fear and will never fear again in Heaven.                                       
Kindle the Light that leads
Use it as a guide back
Arrange for the right boat to sail
Never let illusions be seen again
You should learn to follow goodness
In all beings, one may find
Never think too highly of oneself
MERCIFUL work must be shown to all beings
ONE will then attain in the right way.