Search for Truth
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Keeping a lookout by the seashore
Usual waiting for the ship's return
Another day gone with the sunset
Never will this day come back again
Yesterday's sailors who set sail
In the suffering sea they struggle
Nothing will bring them back, unless
MERCIFUL is the ABOVE, yet
ONE must find his true-self again.
Daily sailors who sail on, daily risks are seen
unless they get out, of the suffering sea. They
go on sailing in the suffering sea as each recycle
takes place. If man can stay free from it, then he
will not face the risk. The compassion of the ABOVE
is so great that man will never be able to repay it.
If all can stay away from the suffering sea, then
there will be none waiting by the seashore again.
When the sea is rough man does not know what to do.
He may even lose hope of returning to the Shore again.
Since such a situation remains, the only thing to do
is to search. Search in the right direction and not
against the wind. The lighthouse will be your guide,
so be on the lookout for it. Do not be drown in
the suffering sea, be awaken to the call and do not
be dreamy instead. As long as one remains in a dreamy
stage of mind, one will not be awake enough to see.
See with a true understanding and do not be deceived.
To turn away from the recycle, one must decide his own
fate. Destiny created from the past, one may not be able
to control. Plant the right type of seeds and allow
their purity to remain. Do not let any change of
weather destroy their fate.
Senses must always be on the alert
Only at the right time, one will find
Onwards with the Search yet filled with questions
Never dare to face the fact of life
You must always be ready to fall in
At a call from the Heavenly Decree
Netting in all beings, work must be seen
Getting the right boat with the people in it
Many people seem to ask that if the ABOVE is so
merciful, why must HE allow our return? If HE is
so great, why will HE not make saints out of us?
If the ABOVE hates to see us in a suffering stage,
Why will HE not help us instead? People wonder as
they call the name of the Heavenly Beings.
There are still many who do not understand the facts
of Cause and Effect. They misunderstand the appearance
of the Heavenly Beings. As much as the ABOVE wishes to
help, one must still reap his own harvest whether good
or bad. The ABOVE may have HIS power but HE cannot
control your fate. in order to get out of the illusions,
seek the Path. Do not be dependant on anyone to save you.
If one does not help himself, no one will be able to help
him. If one does not want to reach the destination, no one
can force him. The ABOVE has shown mercy but man has not
taken heed. Masters after masters were sent to assist and
teachers after teachers were sent to teach. If these do not
help you to get out of the suffering sea, nothing will ever
help you again. Do not blame the ABOVE, but ask yourself
how much you are to be blamed instead.
Men who are cultivating the Way are always on guard against
themselves. They guard against their senses, their actions
and speeches, they guard against their thoughts and control
their mind. If you were to follow suit, be as the wise man
and put yourself on guard against all things.
Things that can be seen may not be of help
to you but from things that are formless you may gain.
Truth without its form will show you the way back but
fame, money and lust, although pleasing to the eyes
will not last. Live a simple but happy life instead of
a rich but worrisome life. It is not how long one lives
but how much one realizes during his short life span.
Surely is death to mankind
Only by cultivation alone
Onto the right boat one finds
Nothing will matter if the Shore one sees.
Yet learn on, until one breaks through
Awake from the Great Awakening
Notice the land of Light instead
Going away from lust, purity one will see.