Three Heavenly Treasures






































































The First Treasure
There is a subtle gate in our face where one’s soul comes in when one is born and then closed after that. Jesus called it the narrow gate. It is the origin of one’s life where one’s spirit dwells. The entire bodily flesh is unreal, only that bit of spiritual light from the subtle gate is true. It was not born nor will it extinguish. This is also named the True Gate of the correct ‘Yang’. Upon death if the soul leaves the body through the eyes, ears, mouth, nose or the body instead of the True Gate of the correct ‘Yang’, the soul will be reincarnated into different bodily form and fell into the cycle of birth and death. You can often see when certain people pass away, blood may flow out from the ears, eyes or mouth widely opened. This usually indicates their souls leave through these places and not the True Gate.
Goddess of Mercy has indicated indirectly to us on her forehead, a red dot, as the True Gate. It is Heavenly secret to show the existence of a gate or hole where one’s soul dwells. The Hindus deities also indicate indirectly the same dot on their foreheads and Hindus in their daily life imitate by sticking the dot on their foreheads. Most Chinese deities also have the same dot on their foreheads and even Sakyamuni Buddha has it on his forehead. By receiving Tao, one will know the exact location of the True Gate. The transmission of the First Treasure is to open this True Gate so that the wisdom door and the Holy path to Heaven are opened. One’s soul will be able to leaves through this hole when one leaves this world. Once this wisdom door is opened by JiGong, it will allow one to gain wisdom faster and ultimately return to the ultimate bliss of no rebirth.
The True Gate is also the door to one’s divine nature. It is the ‘front door’ to Heaven. It is located neither left nor right, up nor down. It is right in the center and thus called the door to divinity. The CROSS in Christianity is also an indirect indication to show us the spot of the True Gate. Jesus Christ came at the period and has to sacrifice his life on the CROSS to save mankind from sin and suffering after death in order to go back to Heaven.
In Mattew 6:22-23, "The eye is the lamp of the body, if the lamp is lit, the body will shine; if the lamp is not lit the body will be in darkness." Here the word ‘eye’ is used in singular form which implies that it is the ‘third’ eye of ours. Where is the third eye? The scope of it is the door to wisdom and divinity.
In Buddhism, Sakyamuni Buddha said:
"I have the true dharma hidden in my eye."
The word ‘eye’ again implies the True Gate. Those who have cultivated in the past lives or this life regardless of their religion, with affinity will be predestined to encounter Tien Tao and the True Gate. This is exactly the vision I had when I saw my mother’s soul sat on the glowing white lotus that slowly rose to Heaven.
More indications of the Divine Eye are as follows:
1] Goddess of Mercy
In most of the Goddess of Mercy temples the poems in Chinese beside the left and right of the portrait of her expressed that;
"In the middle of the purple bamboo grove lies Goddess of Mercy
On top of the white lotus pedestal sits the coming Buddha"           
Purple bamboo grove indicate our eyebrows
White lotus pedestal indicate our set of teeth
The poem means that, on top of our set of teeth and in between our eyebrows sits the Divine Nature and it is the coming Buddha. It is our divine eye, our Godly nature and everyone has it.
In the Temple of Tao of Heaven she asked us do we know why was she commonly depicted holding a vase and willow leaves? She said,
The willow leaves represented our eyebrows and the vase our nose. For the willow leaves to be inserted into the vase, the cover of the vase had to be opened. It was to indicate to us the spot of our divine nature is in that position. When you receive Tao, that divine third eye shall be opened. The Tao she received thousands of year ago on the 6th lunar month 19th is the same Tao as you received in the Temple of Tao of Heaven.
2] Confucius
He said that ‘when three persons are walking together, there is one who can be his master.’Who are these three persons? If you look at yourself into the mirror and observe carefully, you can see three persons. The two small persons appear in your both eyes ball and a big person, the third person in the middle, that is yourself.
Small person in Chinese means inferior or unscrupulous people. Big person in Chinese means superior people or saint and this saint can be his master. The master is actually our divine or Godly nature that is in between the two small persons, the eyes ball. Our Godly nature that is pure and divine can be the master of Confucius.
3] Jesus Christ
When Jesus mentioned about the lamp that needed to be lit, it refers to the third eye that is the lamp of the body. When it is lit, the whole body will shine otherwise the body will be in darkness. 
The two criminals that were together crucified with Jesus in the Bible at the place called ‘The Skull’, one on the left and the other on the right were the two small or inferior people. Jesus in the middle is the superior saint.
This is similar to Goddess of Mercy and Confucius who refer to the middle person. Likewise the CROSS also refer to the middle point of our face. The manifestation of the three underworld guards before my mother passed away on 2/11/95 symbolized the three Crosses of crucifixion with their horizontal hands and their long hats as in the drawing in the first chapter of this book. When that vision happened in 1995 just one week after my first participation of the three days holy seminar, I immediately got the message of the divine nature related to the CROSS and Jesus Christ who had once saved me from diarrhoea and hiccups.
4] Lao Tze
He said that ‘the eyes are the windows of the soul.’ In the traditional Chinese temple, the main door is always in the center and the two windows at both sides of the main door. If the windows represent our two eyes, then the door will represent our inner divine nature where the main altar with the divine being is always placed, facing the main door.  
It is said, "Enter the main door to discover our inner divine nature." This refers to the First Heavenly Treasure that is always in the middle.
5] Sakyamuni Buddha
The Buddha always preaches the middle path and he said, "On every face there is a Buddha and I have the True Dharma that is hidden in my eye." The word eye implies the First Heavenly Treasure. While saying this sutra he was holding a golden lotus in his hand, turning the golden lotus in front of his face and eyes and looking at Mahakasyapa, the nineteenth Patriarch. At this moment the truth and the Heavenly Decree was transmitted to Mahakasyapa.
6] American One Dollar Note
JiGong pointed out to us why the American One Dollar Note was designed in such a manner. As the sayings of the Saints and Buddha were long time ago, just look at the sign from Heaven on the American One Dollar Note in this modern time. The American currency is accepted all over the world and is inspired by the holy spirit to be in this manner. The Heavenly secret is there.
Look at the back of the note. There is a pyramid which is the ancient Eygptian symbol of power. At the top of the pyramid is a single ‘eye’ which is supreme and more powerful than the pyramid. This third eye is our main gate which is the path to Heaven. Below there is a word of ‘seal’ referring to the Heavenly Seal of Maitreya Buddha and ‘One Dollar Note’ which is ‘ONE’ meaning Heaven. This is a manifestation of the Heavenly Three Treasures.
Lao Mu said, 
"By initiation of Tao, one unlocks the golden lock and the indestructibility of the true self emerges. The spaceless golden lock, the spaceless pagoda, the spaceless key opens this lock. Concentrate on your divine eye, you can get rid of the human nature, bring out the true nature and reveal your divine wisdom."
The Second Treasure
The second treasure is a five words heart sutra. It is extremely important since it was granted by Heaven to provide calamity relief. The first word represents God, Truth or the Void, the source and essence of the universe or Highest Heaven. It is where we all came from.
The second word represents Yin-Yang energies, which are the driving forces behind all the evolvement of the world or also represents the spiritual world.
The third word represents Buddha or the Earth.
The fourth word represents the immensity of Tao. All beings in the universe are covered by the grace of Heaven to have opportunities to receive Tao.
The fifth word represents the rescuing of all beings, having divine affinity back to Heaven by Tao.
The fourth and fifth words when combined also represent the name of Maitreya Buddha.
The five words heart sutra is similar as in time of emergency where one sends S.O.S. Heaven will send Buddhas and angels to save us from the disaster.
The Third Treasure   
It is a Heavenly Seal where a person’s hands hold in a certain posture similar to that of an embryo in mother’s womb. It is revealed that we hold on to the innocence and pureness of babies and keep in mind that we are children of God.
Spiritually, the First Treasure is the direct link to God. It is invisible and intangible. It is genuine emptiness and yet the origin of all marvelous existence. It is the door to divinity and conscience. The Second Treasure is the communication channel to God. By Yin-Yang energies, it is for us to communicate with and to be united with God. The Third Treasure is the seal of God. It is to use our hands to express the will to become a union with God.